Every year I publish a review of what I achieved during the year, regarding my business, investments, and health. I review every major goal that I set for myself during the past year, and discuss about what happened to that goal.

I am writing these reviews to keep myself accountable and to really make a deep review of the past year. I also hope that these reviews can be inspirational for you and help you review of your own goals! Or you can also simply read this review to laugh at all my epic failures 🙂

Goal #1: 3200 Euros/month of Personal Income

Pass. As usual, income was my main goal for every year, as I use personal income to track how good my business & my investments are doing. Here, I really talk about personal income: I define it as what is left in my pocket after all the business expenses, business taxes and personal taxes have taken from my gross income.

This year, I reached this goal, as my average personal income was of 3481 Euros for the last 3 months. So the main goal of the year was definitely reached!

Goal #2: Launch 12 New ‘businesses’ in 12 months

Fail. This is a challenge that I set for myself after reading this article featuring another entrepreneur that did exactly the same thing. The goal was of course not to launch 12 full-fledged million dollar businesses, but for me it could really just be a new SaaS app, a simple web service, a website, or basically anything that people could use. Here are the details of the businesses that I launched in 2015:

  • BitLendingBot: My first SaaS app I ever launched, dedicated to automating Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer lending investments.
  • SocialGear: A SaaS application to automate posting on social media platforms.
  • UpRoad: UpRoad is a one-click analytics service for Gumroad.
  • DividendStock.io: A live, interactive listing of dividend-paying stocks.
  • aREST.io: Based on the aREST API for Arduino, this service now allows people to control their DIY electronics projects from anywhere in the world.
  • DividendAcademy: An information website to learn how to generate passive income using dividend-paying stocks.
  • EventRatio: A fun project, that indicate the female ratio of any Facebook event.
  • Smart Peer-to-Peer lending: An information website on how to generate income using Peer-to-Peer lending.
  • The Digital Landlord: An information website on how to invest in real estate without all the hassle that usually comes with it.
  • Hardware Monkeys: A fixed-price consulting business for embedded electronics. After realising it would be a nightmare to run, I shut this idea down after 2 months of operation.

As you can see, there are only ten of them, including one that completely failed in the process, but I am still satisfied about what I achieved during the year concerning that goal. Not sure I’ll make the challenge again next year, as I plan to work more on scaling some of the businesses in the list.

Goal #3: Invest at Least 15.000 Euros

Pass. This was the year where I wanted to seriously start to invest my money (instead of leaving it on a bank account). Therefore, I set myself this goal. I invested 35.305 Euros in total on the stock market and in Peer-to-Peer lending, so this one is a win!

Goal #4: Build a Team of 5 persons for my Business

Fail. As an entrepreneur, I suffer from something many entrepreneurs suffer as well: the superhero syndrome. This happens to many new entrepreneurs that just want to do it all, without hiring people to help them.

Therefore, my goals for this year was really to put systems in every parts of my business, and hire contractors to handle those processes. I started the year with a team of 5 people, but then failed to manage them correctly and ultimately the whole team collapsed.

I made many mistakes on that side, but ultimately I learned a lot in the process and I know have a smaller, but stronger team compared to what I envisioned. My goal for next year will definitely be to expand this team.

Goal #5: Go to 4 business conferences

Fail. As I currently live in a city where it’s difficult to meet other entrepreneurs, I really wanted to go to conferences to meet like-minded people. Skype and email are great, but it never replaces the feeling of meeting people face-to-face.

However, that’s something I really failed. Due to poor planning and procrastination, I only went to one conference this year, DNX Berlin. It was an amazing conference, and even if it was maybe not the best fit for me, I met a lot of like-minded people and I am still in touch with many of them.

Goal #6: Launch a product related to neural networks/AI

Fail. My goal since I started working on my own online business was to launch a product related to my studies, which were in the neural networks & AI field. This is something quite risky, as there is no clear path from the product to generating revenue as it’s still a quite experimental field.

However, this year was really busy, and once again I pushed this goal to next year.

Goal #7: Read 12 new business books

Pass. Reading is so important for me. This is what motivated me to start my own business, and I learned invaluable lessons since then by reading business books. I wanted to read at least a new book every month, and I managed to do that: GoodReads (which I use to track my readings) shows I read 13 business books this year.

Goal #8: Reach a bodyweight of 77kg while keeping my body fat below 15%

Fail. I wanted to reach the 77kg bar this year. If you are wondering where this number is coming from, it’s the limit of the welterweight division in UFC. I plan to restart training in kickboxing next year, so that’s why I used this as an objective. I failed, but I nearly reached this goal: I now weight 76.5kg, with a body fat just above 15%.

This is the end of this annual review, I hope that you enjoyed reading it! In the next days I will come up with the follow-up article of this one, with my goals for 2016!