Every year I publish a review of what I achieved during the year, regarding my business, investments, and health. I review every major goal that I set for myself during the past year, and discuss about what happened to that goal. I also write about the good, the bad & the ugly that happened during the year & that I didn't plan at all in any of my goals.

I am writing these reviews to keep myself accountable and to really make a deep review of the past year. I also hope that these reviews can be inspirational for you and help you review of your own goals! Or you can also simply read this review to laugh at all my epic failures 🙂

Goal #1: Get 8000 Euros/month of Business Income

Fail. As for the previous year, business income was my main goal for this year, as I use income to track how good my business is doing. This year, I set the bar quite high, with more than twice the goal I had set for my business in 2015.

This year, I missed this goal, but not from a lot as I reached 7051 Euros in monthly business income. It mainly made me realise that I definitely need to scale my business next year if I want to pass the 10.000 Euros/month cap. I am already working like crazy, and actually was very close to burnout several times this year.

Therefore, this will be a central point of my goals for next year: scaling up, by creating more sources of income, more niche sites and businesses, and massively using my team and automation software in order to manage everything.

Goal #2: 250.000 Euros Invested (or 3000 Euros/month of Investment Income)

Pass. After actually starting to get serious about investing last year, I set myself a much more ambitious goal for this year: reach a quarter of a million in invested money, and/or 3,000 Euros/month of investment income.

I am really happy to say that I achieved this yearly goal, with a total of around 257,000 Euros invested in my favourite investments: dividend-paying stocks, real estate, peer-to-peer lending, and profitable websites. Overall, the portfolio is still producing a nice 12% average yield, and producing nearly 2,600 Euros every month of pure passive income.

Goal #3: Build a Solid Team of at Least 5 People

Pass. As I wrote last year, I used to do everything myself, as I thought nobody else could do what I was doing. I was so wrong, and felt overwhelmed for a long time. 

Therefore, I really focused this year on delegating a lot, and I am happy to say that I achieved to build a solid team of 5 people that are helping me in key tasks in my business. Here are the roles that I currently have in my team:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Customer support manager
  • Podcast editor
  • Technical content writer
  • Accountant
Thanks again to all the people in my team, and really looking forward to work with them next year as I’ll focus on scaling and delegating more and more.

Goal #4: Travel to at Least 4 Conferences to Meet Like-minded People

Fail. This goal is definitely my nemesis. Once again, I focused more on work & holidays rather than taking time to go to conferences, mainly because of procrastination (waiting till it’s too late to join/book tickets).

My solution for next year (more on that later) will definitely be to pre-book all conferences/travels as early as possible, so I can’t procrastinate about going to those events.

Goal #5: Read 24 New Business Books

Fail. Nearly nailed this one, with 20 books read as I am writing this post. I nearly finished reading Tools of Titans of Tim Ferris, so I am nearly at 21 in total. That goal really pushed me to read a lot and I learned a ton, so I’ll definitely continue with this objective next year.

Goal #6: Reach a Bodyweight of 82kg

Pass. Getting more weight had always been a struggle for me (I mean muscle mass, not fat), but this year I finally managed to reach 82kg at the end of the year. I feel much better compared to when I was even 75kg, and vert proud to have been able to stick to regular meals times (especially before/after workouts) in order to get more muscle mass.  

What Else Happened in 2016

For the first time this year, I wanted to go further than just writing about which goals I reached and on which goals I failed, because I think it’s actually not giving a good overview of what actually happened.

Let’s start with the ugly: this year, I had huge problems with the company that hosted all my WordPress sites. Basically, they couldn’t fix a problem on the (expensive!) server I was renting from them, and I ended having my entire business down for days. Months later, I had my account on SendGrid (that I use to keep in touch with my audiences via email) hacked, resulting in hours lost and a bad reputation applied to most of my email addresses. 

I don’t want to come back in detail on those two events, but what it taught me is:

  • Always, always activate 2 factors authentication everywhere it’s available
  • Always be in control of things you can control (for example, I now have all my business running on PureApps, a suite of applications that I control from A to Z)

Speaking about PureApps, that was the big ‘unplanned’ project that came out of this year, and I am very proud what it became, even I spent countless hours on it. In a nutshell, it’s a complete suite of web applications for online businesses, that are completely free to use. Think OpenOffice for online entrepreneurs. I am using it for all aspects of my business, wether it’s for content management, customer support, or sales. I definitely plan to scale this next year, by offering hosting plans to people that don’t want to deploy the applications on their own servers.

Another nice ’surprise’ of this year came from the Internet of Things platform I developed, called aREST. It grew much more than I originally anticipated (it is another project that I started first to solve one of my own problems), and it is actually now used not only by makers, but also in classes around the world to teach students about electronics & robotics! This just feels amazing to know that something you created from absolute scratch is being used by thousands around the world.

That's all for 2016 - thanks again for reading this review! I'd be really interested to know what you think about this review, and also how 2016 went for you, so don't hesitate to comment below! As usual, I will soon publish a post about my goals for 2017, so make sure to check that out when it's released!