Every year I publish a review of what I achieved during the year, regarding my business, investments, and health. I review every major goal that I set for myself during the past year and discuss what happened to that goal. I also write about the good, the bad & the ugly that happened during the year & that I didn't plan at all in any of my goals.

I am writing these reviews to keep myself accountable and to really make a deep review of the past year. I also hope that these reviews can be inspirational for you and help you review your own goals! Or you can also simply read this review to laugh at all my epic failures 🙂

What Happened in 2018

A lot happened in my business & to my investment portfolio in 2018, so I'll go through them one by one. My one large project this year was SiteEngine, my all-in-one online business platform that I am using since last year for all my sites. This year was mainly about improving the application, especially making it usable by everyone. At the end of the year, I also spent a lot of time to create a sales funnel in order to promote the application and get additional paid users into the app. This whole process took way more time than expected, but I am really happy about where the application is now and I can't wait to help even more people with it next year.

2018 was also the year of integrating Facebook ads (and paid traffic in general) as an essential part of my business. After discovering Facebook ads in 2017, 2018 was really the year when I built sales funnels for all my businesses and injected paid traffic consistently into my websites. I am still a bit too shy in using them (more about that when I talk about my first goal later in this post). That's definitely something that will play an essential role in the future, and I will put more and more efforts on this side in order to grow my online business.

My other online SaaS application, aREST, the Internet of Things platform, also did very well in 2018, with now over 10,000 daily active users on the application. I am still working on converting more of the free accounts to paid users (it's a freemium model), but it gives me a lot of satisfaction every day to know that I am helping so many people with this piece of software that I built.

I also attended two major conferences this year. The first one was the Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego in February:

What Happened in 2018 & Annual Goals Review

As always, it was a great conference and I learned a TON (still currently implementing many of the things I learned at this conference).

The other one was MicroConf in Europe, that I really wanted to attend since I started my first software business. I had the chance to be selected for an attendee talk, and ended up speaking on stage:

What Happened in 2018 & Annual Goals Review

It was really awesome to be a speaker, and I definitely want to do that again in the future! 

As for my investment portfolio, I mainly reinvested my gains into the portfolio and did some re-balancing of the portfolio as some of my dividend growth stocks took a lot of value but were not raising the dividends that much.

That was basically what happened in my business in 2018! Now, as usual, I'll go through each of the goals that I had set for this year, and update you on whether I achieved this goal or not, and if not, what can I do to actually succeed on this goal in 2018. For the first time, I won't actually mark the goals as success or failure, but actually, tell you how much of the goal I actually achieved. Also, I decided to focus this website exclusively on business & investing, so I will not talk about the goals that I set in other fields of my life.

Goal #1: 35,000 Euros/month of Net Business income

Achieved at 26%. As for the previous year, business income was my main goal for this year, as I use income to track how good my business is doing. This year, I again set the bar really high, with near 7 times the income I was making the year before.

This year, I have to admit that I again completely missed this goal, with on average reaching a bit over 26% of the goal. This is mainly due to two factors. The first one is that developing SiteEngine took way much more time than expected to put this software in a state where other people could actually use it. In my opinion, I also didn't reinvest enough of the income back in the business, meaning it couldn't scale as much as I would have liked to.

Therefore, this will be again a central point of my goals for next year, especially by making sure not to dry up my business by taking too much money out of it.

Goal #2: 1,800 Euros/month of Investment Income

Achieved at 63%. As my business income didn't follow up with what I planned, it is not a surprise that I fell short of meeting this goal as well. However, I manage to push my portfolio above the 200,000 Euros mark and raised my monthly investment income of nearly 100 Euros. I also rebalanced my portfolio and pushed the overall yield closer to 7%.

Goal #3: Delegate More Than 50% of the Tasks I Shouldn't Be Doing

Achieved at 100%. I really wanted to stop struggling with the day-to-day tasks in my business, that I know I shouldn't be doing (like publishing articles on my site, uploading videos on Youtube, etc). I, therefore, took time to write processes for all those tasks in my business, and gradually gave them away to my assistant. I am happy to say that now over 75% of the day-to-day tasks of my different businesses are now not done by myself, and I am moving towards 100% on this field, as I even gave away customer support to someone in my team.

Goal #4: Travel to at Least 5 Conferences to Meet Like-minded People

Achieved at 60%. As I mentioned before, 2018 was a really busy year, and once again I didn't plan enough time to attend conferences. I managed to go however to the two major conferences that I really wanted to attend: the Traffic & Conference Summit in San Diego, and MicroConf Europe in Dubrovnik. I also attended a local conference (where I was also a speaker) that I counted for this goal. Next year I will definitely again set my schedule for the conferences at the beginning of the year, so it's all set and done.

Goal #5: Read 36 New Business Books

Achieved at 43%. I had set myself I quite ambitious goal on this side as well for this year (3 books a month!), and I failed at that, reading about 1 book only per month, sometimes 2. However, I learned a ton, and also I will definitely modify this goal for the coming year as I don't feel I am getting as much as before from books. I'll also talk more about that in my next article about my goals for 2019. 

That's all for 2018 - thanks again for reading this review! I'd be really interested to know what you think about this review, and also how 2018 went for you, so don't hesitate to comment below! As usual, I will soon publish a post about my goals for 2019, so make sure to check that out when it's released!