I am often asked about what equipment I use to run my online business, for example what I use to write articles, record my podcast, or shoot videos for my online courses. Therefore, I wanted to write this list that summarises all the equipment that I use to run my online business. You don't need all of this to run a successful online business, but I hope that this will help you to make some decisions in case you are thinking about buying some piece of equipment for your own business.

What I Changed or Added in 2017

Let's start with what I added to my office setup in 2017. The most important piece of equipment I changed this year was my second monitor, which before was a Dell 24 inch Full HD monitor. It was a great monitor that I had for 3 years now, but spending a lot of time on the Retina screen of my MacBook Pro, my eyes were getting a bit tired of the 'low' resolution of my Dell monitor which is also now the main screen on my office setup. Therefore, I changed it for a DELL P2415Q Ultra HD screen of the same size, so with 4 times the pixel density. This allows me to work on this screen with a 2x Retina Full HD resolution, so with the same space to work as before with a similar pixel density as on my MacBook Pro screen. This changed a lot to my day-to-day work, as my eyes are much less tired after a day spent in front of the computer.

I also finally bought a dedicated camera for my video recordings (for both my Youtube videos and my video courses). Before I was using the camera of my iPhone, which was great quality wise but it was a mess to setup every time. I bought a Panasonic Lumix G85 camera, that can record movies in 4K and especially that has an LCD screen you can turn 180 degrees, so it's much easier to setup than with my iPhone. I now let this camera on my tripod all the time, so every time I want to record something I basically just need to hit the record button. This changed a lot of things in my business as well, as I now record much more videos than before. I also want to use this camera in the future for live streaming sessions, so I am really excited about this purchase.

Finally, I bought a new mouse, the Logitech MX Master 2S. It's not really that I needed a new one, but my old Logitech MX mouse died so I had to change it. Still, I am pretty happy about the new one, especially by the fact that it has a built-in battery and that I can charge it directly via USB. It also has dual connectivity (Bluetooth & via the Logitech dongle), which is very cool when like me you always forget to take the little dongle that plugs into the computer.

The Complete List

Let's now go to the complete list of hardware that I use to run my online business. I separated it into three categories: general equipment, audio, and video. First, the general equipment that I use day-to-day to run my business:

Then, here is the equipment I use to record the Online Empire podcast:

Finally, here is what I use to record all my Youtube videos & also record my video courses:

That's all for this list of the hardware that I use to run my online business. I am really curious to hear what you think about the list and how it compares to what you are using, so don't hesitate to comment below!