I believe that building an authority website is still the best way to start generating passive income online. However, I know from experience that it can be difficult to get started, and that most people are stuck at the very first step: finding a niche that not only will attract visitors, but also that will be profitable.

Therefore, I really wanted to build a detailed guide on how to find a profitable niche for an authority website. You'll learn how to find a profitable niche for your authority website, using my 6-steps process that I use myself to find niches for my own websites. Let's get started!


The first step in the process is to brainstorm ideas. Indeed, it is generally a bad strategy to just use one idea and then determine if it's profitable, as you might become emotionally connected to this specific niche idea and not analyse it rationally. 

What I recommend doing on the contrary is to come up with at least 5 ideas of niches, that you will then eliminate or select, depending on the results of the next steps of the process. The goal at this point is really not to think about if the niche will be profitable or not, it's really just to generate ideas. Let's now see what are the different ways to find niche ideas.

The first way to find niche ideas at this stage is to start by what you are passionate about. This is for example how I found the idea for my most successful website to date, Open Home Automation, which is about DIY electronics projects. So just think about what you are passionate about, what you usually read about for example, and use that to generate your first ideas.

The second way to generate niche ideas is to find an audience you can serve. For example, people passionate about diving, or dog owners.

The third way to generate ideas is to look at problems you can solve using your authority site. For example, creating an authority website about loosing weight.

Once you have at least 5 ideas written down, you can move on to the next step.

Keyword research

Once you have some ideas, you can now start analysing them to find out which one to keep, and which to discard. The first test that I like to run at this stage is to do what is called keyword research. Basically, at least at the start, most of your traffic will come from search engines, and mostly from Google. Therefore, you want to be sure of two things: that enough people are searching for the topic of your future authority website, and that there is not that much competition in the field.

There are many tools to do that, but one that I use and that I really like is KWFinder. It is a paid tool, however they have a free plan that is more than sufficient to make the simple searches we'll make during this process.

Let's now take an example, that I will also use for the rest of this article. Let's imagine that on my list, I have the idea of making a website about coffee makers. I will therefore search for "coffee makers" inside KWFinder: