Every year I publish a list of all the goals that I set for my business, my investments and my health for the coming year. This doesn’t list some of my other more personal goals that I am keeping private. I detail every goal that I want to reach before the end of the coming year.

I do this to keep myself accountable on this website, and also to show you the process and thoughts behind each of my goals. If you want to read about what happened to my goals of last year, you can read my review of 2017.

Goal #1: 35,000 Euros/month of Net Business income

As usual, I use income as the main goal of the year, as it allows me to track the health of my business. In 2017, I missed my income goal that I had set for the year, mainly because I focused on product creation (especially spending time developing SiteEngine, my all-in-one online business platform) and not on actually selling my existing products. I also didn't plan at all my expenses, so I ended spending much less than needed on things that are critical for the growth of my business, like my team and Facebook advertising.

Therefore, I'll do things in a completely different way this year. First, I will spend at least as much time promoting/marketing what I create as I spend time creating it. This not only will make sure that more people will be able to see what I do & benefit from it, but also that I will actually spend time marketing what I do and make more sales.

I will also plan my expenses from the start. Whereas my goal is to make 35,000 in net income, I plan to make 50,000 in gross revenue with 15,000 of expenses (therefore a 70% margin for my business). Investing in my team & in ways to leverage what I do (like using Facebook advertising) is the only way to reach my goal this year.

Of course, as I put my plan to execution I'll report on my website about the progress and about the new things I tried, so you too can benefit from it :)

Goal #2: 1,800 Euros/month of Investment Income

I continued to ramp up investing in 2017, and will for sure continue to do the same in 2018, investing in my favorite assets: dividend-paying stocks, Peer-to-Peer lending, and real estate crowdfunding. However, this year I am changing how I actually measure this goal: I am only counting the income from purely passive assets like the one I mentioned before. The previous years, I included my Amazon Affiliates revenue into the calculation, but I am now including that in my business income so it doesn't make sense to count that in this goal anymore.

As I invest in solid assets and I am diversified into a lot of different positions in each asset class, it's easy for me to actually calculate where I will be at the end of the year, based on goal #1. Therefore, I plan to get to 1,800 Euros per month of investment income this year.

Goal #3: Delegate More Than 50% of my Tasks

Despite having a team that executes some of the tasks in my business, that's still something I feel I struggle with, feeling completely overwhelmed at times, not delegating, and ending up doing tasks I know I shouldn't do.

Therefore, I changed my approach to that this year. I believe that what gets measured gets managed, so that's what I will do for that this year. I included a way to track how many tasks are being done by my team inside the management tool of SiteEngine, so I will use that to know how many tasks I delegate compared to how many I do myself during the year. I aim for at least 50% of tasks delegated to my team for the year.

Goal #4: Travel to at Least 5 Conferences to Meet Like-minded People

After succeeding with this goal for the first time in 2017 (I managed to go to 4 conferences as planned), I added one to this goal for 2018. As I noticed in 2017, planning where I will go at the beginning of the year definitely helped me succeed with this goal. Therefore, I already made the list for this year and booked tickets when possible:

  • Traffic & Conversion Summit
  • Microconf Europe
  • Youpreneur Summit
  • Chiang Mai SEO Conference
  • Capitalism Conference

Of course, I might add conferences to this planning if other opportunities appear :)

Goal #5: Read 36 New Business Books

As I always say, I wouldn't be there without all the books I've read. I managed to reach this goal in 2017, reading 24 books during the year. Therefore, I plan to raise the bar again in 2018, reading 3 new books per week or 36 books during the whole year.

Goal #6: Reach a Bodyweight of 82kg While Keeping my Body Fat Below 15%

Last year, I managed to take even more weight (something I've been struggling with for years), and nearly reached 90 kg, with a body fat around 24%. That's great because it means I nearly achieved the muscle mass I wanted to achieve, and I can now focus on just keeping this muscle mass nearly constant while reducing my body fat to 15%.

This is it for my goals in 2018! I’ll also be publishing the usual monthly income reports, as well as quarterly reviews of my goals to keep myself accountable. Have you also set goals already for 2018? If yes don't hesitate to share them below! I am sure 2018 will be the best year ever!