In this article I wanted to report about my first year of investment on the real estate crowdfunding platform Housers, which proposes investments in Spain, but also in Italy & Portugal.

As you know, I love to report about all the platforms I invest on. So I am making this report one year after my first investment, to show you how my investment is doing, and to tell you if should invest as well on this platform in case it went well.

In this article, I will show you my investment portfolio on Housers, one year after I opened my account. However, because of some regulations in Spain, I had to wait a few months to invest, so my portfolio is not exactly one year old, as I will show you later.

The Housers Platform

Before that, just let me tell you a bit about Housers. It's basically a real estate crowdfunding platform based in Spain, so you can invest on the Spanish real estate market as well as in Italy, and now also in Portugal. Usually the Europeans platforms are located in the UK, France or Germany, so that's quite nice to be able to invest in other countries as well.

The platform itself is really great - and I would have invested on there way before that if it wasn't for the Spanish regulations that prevented investors outside of Spain to invest (unless going to some paperwork at your local Spanish embassy).

First Investment

First, let me go into my investments to actually show you what was my first investment ever on the platform. It was in Barcelona, which is still my biggest investment on the platform. Basically, a standard buy-to-let flat in Barcelona. The yield was quite high for the platform, at around 4%. Remember that it's really comparable to the yield you can actually get for a similar flat if you were buying it & managing it yourself. I invested 550 Euros in total in this first deal.

However, here of course, I didn't have anything to take care of. I just need to put my money, so I actually paid for this one by credit card and then it's basically all taken care of for me. They will take care of finding this flat, putting on the site and then once it's bought, renovating the flat according to the renters there. This one is actually rented, so I am earning some income from that flat at the moment. Here is a picture of the project:

Review of the Housers Platform After One Year of Investing

The cool stuff with Housers is that there is a feature called Instarent, and basically this means that even if they don't rent it right away, they actually already give you the income from the rent. That's quite nice, especially if they take lot of time to renovate it and then to find a tenant. It will still generate income from day one for you.

Current Portfolio

You can really follow step by step your investments that you made on this platform. This flat in Barcelona was my first ever investment, so let's now go to the dashboard to show you all my other investments. There are seven of them, and I am showing you below the last three that I invested in. They are all buy to let properties, however there are also opportunities on the platform like investing in loans, but I am really focusing on buy to let.

Review of the Housers Platform After One Year of Investing

I want to have flats that generates rent and also that later I can sell for some capital gain. As you can see, I chose properties that have about a 4% yield. I don't really look that much about the capital growth, because I'm really focusing on income as my strategy. As you can see, I have flats now in Spain, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and also in Italy (Milan), and now also in Portugal with Lisbon. I actually just bought another flat in Lisbon but it's not shown here yet because it's still in the purchasing process.

Let's go to the dashboard now to show you what is actually in my portfolio. This is the total value of my portfolio:

Review of the Housers Platform After One Year of Investing

Basically, I have been on the platform for one year but I really started to invest in July, so this definitely has to be taken into account for the results. I didn't invest a lot at the start, so I actually only started to receive a little income from September, and now is just growing month after month. 

You can also see your investments by cities:

Review of the Housers Platform After One Year of Investing

Overall, I now have a nice portfolio on Housers. It's still quite small as it's only 3000 Euros (compared to some of my other investments on real estate crowdfunding platforms), but it is starting to produce a decent income. I really wanted for this first year to try out the platform and see if it worked & if it was legit. I invested more and more and based on those early results and the fact that I really like the team at Housers, and also the interface of the website, so I will definitely be investing more in the future.

I hope that this report helped you out. Don't hesitate to ask me questions about my portfolio, about my results on Housers, and of course I will continue to publish those reports on my site & also on my Youtube channel.