Need personalised help to incorporate your business offshore and reduce your taxes?

I will provide exclusive guidance to help you select the best country to incorporate your business, depending on your own current situation and business model. I've been helping other incorporate their business offshore for two years now, based on my own experience with incorporating my company offshore.

This one-on-one consulting is done via Skype, for several sessions of up to one hour in total. I will analyse what you are trying to achieve and give you priceless insight into what you need to do to reduce your taxes while staying 100% on the legal side, and answer any questions you could have.

What you get:

  • 1-Hour of one-on-one Skype call with me
  • Consulting via one Skype call of one hour or several calls for up to one hour in total
  • I completely analyse your current situation & business model, and give you directions to incorporate your business in the best country possible
  • I answer all your questions about setting up an offshore business, taxes, and other legal questions

Achieve all your objectives when setting up an offshore business with my direct, personal, and highly targeted help.

We'll schedule all Skype sessions together. They must occur within a 12-month period beginning with the first call. Note that with this service, I will not open any offshore company for you, only provide guidance & answer questions.