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Mintos Invest & Access Review (Updated April 2021)

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October 16, 2021

Mintos is my favorite Peer-to-Peer lending platform, as it offers high yields, a buyback guarantee on most loans, and great opportunities for diversification. They recently came up with a new way to invest on the platform, called Invest & Access, and I really wanted to check it out. What is it exactly? How to use it? Is it worth it? That's what we are going to see inside this review. Inside the review, I will focus exclusively on the Invest & Access function of Mintos. You can read my complete review of Mintos here.

What is Invest & Access?

Let's first talk about what are the options available to invest on Mintos. You have the 'traditional' auto-invest function, where you can set some parameters about the loans you want to invest in, and let Mintos do the rest. You can also of course invest by hand in each loan, but that's not a method I recommend.

Invest & Access is another way to invest on the platform, next to those two methods (which are of course still available, and can be used along invest & access). It allows you to simply set the amount of money you want to invest, and let Mintos do all the work for you. You don't have any parameters to set about the loans you want to invest in: it's all done for you.

In terms of returns, Mintos advertises an average return of 9.94% at the time this review was written, and we'll see how it compares to my own auto-invest portfolio on Mintos later in the review.

It also solves one of the flaw that is inherent to Peer-to-Peer lending investments: the ability to cash out. Indeed, when you usually invest in loans on a Peer-to-Peer lending platform, you have to wait until the loan is fully repaid back until you can cash out your money (or sell them on the secondary market, but you might have to sell them at a discount in this case). Invest & Access solves this problem by allowing you to cash out the amount of money that you invested at any time, making it like a savings account at a traditional bank, but with much higher interest rates. Note that this only applies to loans that are not late or pending payments, which is also something I'll talk about later in this review when talking about my results.

How to use Invest & Access

Using Invest & Access is really simple. First, you need to created an account on Mintos, which is done in less than 5 minutes. After that, you will need to deposit some money on their platform so it can be used by Invest & Access. That's also really easy, and usually when I make a deposit by bank transfer the money appears on Mintos in less than 2 days.

After that, you need to go to the Invest tab on Mintos and select Invest & Access:

From there, you simply need to set how much you want to put inside your Invest & Access portfolio, what is your target, and it will start investing for you. Note that if you have a target for your portfolio which is lower than the size of the portfolio, the money will simply go to your cash balance of your Mintos account.

My Results with Invest & Access

Let's now see what results I actually got from using Invest & Access. As for all my reviews, I tested this feature of Mintos with my own money, and started with 500 Euros that I invested in late 2019. At the time I wrote this review, I had an average return of 9.35% - which is slightly lower that what is announced by Mintos.

It's also interesting to see what Invest & Access invested in:

You can see from this picture that the portfolio is mainly made from short-term loans (which is similar to the strategy I recommend with the classical auto-invest function on Mintos). That's most probably for the 'liquid' aspect of Invest & Access, as Mintos needs a lot of money moving so investors can cash out when they want on their loans. 

Speaking about cashing out, you can also see that I could take out about three quarters of my portfolio in cash - as the rest is stuck in late loans or pending payments.

Let's also have a look at the diversification of the portfolio:

As you can see, the portfolio is pretty diversified across many loan originators, but some of them have more investments than others. Again, this is due to the fact that the function focuses on short-term loans, which are more present on some originators than on others.

I will of course update this review of Invest & Access as I get more results from my investments.

Should you use Mintos Invest & Access?

So far, I can that I am really satisfied with Invest & Access. It's a really innovative way to invest in Peer-to-Peer lending, especially if you are just starting out in the field, as you don't have to worry about configuring any auto-invest functions: it's all done for you. The fact that you can withdraw most of your money at any time and without any associated cost is also a game changer, and is definitely an added safety in case you are worrying that your money will be stuck.

The only drawback I could see from Invest & Access is the lower returns compared to what you can achieve with the auto-invest function (I am currently around 11% with my auto-invest portfolio), but again for somebody starting out and that doesn't want to play with all the parameters of the auto-invest function, that's the perfect function to use.

To sum up, I really recommend using Invest & Access on Mintos if you are new to the field of Peer-to-Peer lending, and/or if you just want something that works without you having to learn & manage the settings in the usual auto-invest function on Mintos. 

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