Every month, I publish a report of the business & investment income I received during the previous month. I publish these reports to show you what you can expect with an online business & unconventional investments, and I also publish them to keep the motivation to work hard & to grow this number month after month.

In every report, you will find out the details about all the business income I received during the month, all the business expenses, and also all the income I received from investments during the month.

What Happened in April

I didn’t travel a lot in April, so it was a great month to work on new ideas & products for my business.

I released 3 new small eBooks in total, two about real estate investing, and one about investing in Peer-to-Peer lending. Those books are really entry-level books that are for beginners in those fields, and the goal is mainly to generate leads for my higher-end products I want to launch in the coming months in those fields.

I also expanded my team, which is now composed of 6 people. I clearly realised this month that I couldn’t do all the things I am currently doing without my team. It’s a big mindset change compared to even a few month ago, where I was still a one-man band trying to do everything.

On the investing side, I continued to invest in my favourite investments: dividend growth stocks, Peer-to-Peer lending, and crowdfunded real estate. The first website that I bought through Empire Flippers is also still going strong and generate a steady flow of income, and I will publish my first report about this purchase in early June.

Business Income

Below is all the income I received from my online business during the past month:

  • Amazon Kindle eBooks: 537 €
  • Gumroad (eBooks & video courses): 1812 €
  • Packt Publishing royalties: 279 €
  • Google adSense revenues: 89 €
  • LinkShare revenues: 109 €
  • Consulting calls: 350 €

Gross business income in April 2016: 3176 € (-3%)

Below is all the business related expenses I had during the past month:

  • Team expenses on UpWork: 204 €
  • Small Fiverr gigs: 202 €

Business expenses in April 2016: 406 € (-15%)

Net business income in April 2016: 2770 € (-0.5%)

Investment Income

Below is all the income I received from investments during the past month. For some investments, this is the expected monthly revenue as some investments only pay once a quarter or once a year:

  • Dividend growth stocks: 334 €
  • Peer-to-Peer lending: 386 €
  • Real estate: 138 €
  • Bitcoin investments: 98 €
  • Amazon affiliate websites: 1520 €

Investment income in April 2016: 2487 € (-0.3%)

Comment About the Report

Let’s now make the total and add my business & investment revenues:

Total income for April 2016: 5257 € (-0.45%)

Overall, a stable month with numbers really similar to March. However, I really need to push it during the coming months to reach my income goal for this year. I will continue releasing more products, as well as focusing on optimising conversions for my existing sales funnels.

Note that you can also visit my websites to learn more my investments. I post frequently on websites dedicated to my investments using dividend growth investing, Peer-to-Peer lendingcrowdfunded real estate, and Bitcoin.

As usual, I also updated my investment portfolio page to reflect the changes during the month. What about you? Did you have a good month with your online business and/or your investments?