Monthly Income Report – April 2016

Every month, I publish a report of the business & investment income I received during the previous month. I publish these reports to show you what you can expect with an online business & unconventional investments, and I also publish them to keep the motivation to work hard & to grow this number month after month.

In every report, you will find out the details about all the business income I received during the month, all the business expenses, and also all the income I received from investments during the month.

What Happened in April

I didn’t travel a lot in April, so it was a great month to work on new ideas & products for my business.

I released 3 new small eBooks in total, two about real estate investing, and one about investing in Peer-to-Peer lending. Those books are really entry-level books that are for beginners in those fields, and the goal is mainly to generate leads for my higher-end products I want to launch in the coming months in those fields.

I also expanded my team, which is now composed of 6 people. I clearly realised this month that I couldn’t do all the things I am currently doing without my team. It’s a big mindset change compared to even a few month ago, where I was still a one-man band trying to do everything.

On the investing side, I continued to invest in my favourite investments: dividend growth stocks, Peer-to-Peer lending, and crowdfunded real estate. The first website that I bought through Empire Flippers is also still going strong and generate a steady flow of income, and I will publish my first report about this purchase in early June.

Business Income

Below is all the income I received from my online business during the past month:

  • Amazon Kindle eBooks: 537 €
  • Gumroad (eBooks & video courses): 1812 €
  • Packt Publishing royalties: 279 €
  • Google adSense revenues: 89 €
  • LinkShare revenues: 109 €
  • Consulting calls: 350 €

Gross business income in April 2016: 3176 € (-3%)

Below is all the business related expenses I had during the past month:

  • Team expenses on UpWork: 204 €
  • Small Fiverr gigs: 202 €

Business expenses in April 2016: 406 € (-15%)

Net business income in April 2016: 2770 € (-0.5%)

Investment Income

Below is all the income I received from investments during the past month. For some investments, this is the expected monthly revenue as some investments only pay once a quarter or once a year:

  • Dividend growth stocks: 334 €
  • Peer-to-Peer lending: 386 €
  • Real estate: 138 €
  • Bitcoin investments: 98 €
  • Amazon affiliate websites: 1520 €

Investment income in April 2016: 2487 € (-0.3%)

Comment About the Report

Let’s now make the total and add my business & investment revenues:

Total income for April 2016: 5257 € (-0.45%)

Overall, a stable month with numbers really similar to March. However, I really need to push it during the coming months to reach my income goal for this year. I will continue releasing more products, as well as focusing on optimising conversions for my existing sales funnels.

Note that you can also visit my websites to learn more my investments. I post frequently on websites dedicated to my investments using dividend growth investing, Peer-to-Peer lendingcrowdfunded real estate, and Bitcoin.

As usual, I also updated my investment portfolio page to reflect the changes during the month. What about you? Did you have a good month with your online business and/or your investments?

  • Louis

    Thanks for posting these I learn a lot from them! I’m curious about your team, and team expenses. You have 6 people on your team, but really low expenses. Do you have people with very different skill sets, working for you as needed? I can’t imagine at those costs you have anyone working close to full time with that total expense.

    I’m not outsourcing any of my work, and know that I should. I’m interested to learn more about this from you in the future. Thanks again!

    • You’re welcome Louis! About my team, you guessed it right it’s people with very different skill sets (I have three writers, one VA, one podcast editor and one video editor) and for now they are all working part-time on my projects as needed.