Monthly Income Report - January 2018

Monthly Income Report - January 2018

Let's start with what happened for the first month of this new year. On the business side, I spent most of the month creating sales funnels for all my sites that are selling products directly (and not only making money from affiliate revenues). I basically have most of my funnels created, now it's all a matter of adjusting those funnels and sending the right traffic to them, mainly via Facebook ads and of course using the SEO traffic that I already have. I also made modifications to the software I use to run my online business, SiteEngine, so it supports things that will be very useful to reach my yearly goals, like detailed funnels statistics & A/B testing.

I also grew my team to help me out reach those goals for the year. For my biggest authority website (Open Home Automation), I hired a new writer who will now be doing all my future articles on this site. I am also currently training someone for link building, and this person in the future will do all the link building & outreach to other sites by using the processes that I wrote last year. The goal is really to remove myself from as much positions as possible, and only focus on creating the content for this site & for higher level tasks.

I also significantly grew my affiliate revenue from my personal website, mainly coming from articles showing how to use Peer-to-Peer lending platforms. This means that people are actually replicating my methods and investing on those platforms, so I am really happy that those articles are actually useful for people that read my website. I'll definitely continue to invest time into those how-to articles about investing in the future.

For the first time this month, I also started my done-for-you program for managing a profitable Amazon Affiliate website. This means that me & my team can now take care of helping you find a site to buy, and then managing it & growing it for you. That's especially a great way to invest in profitable websites even you don't know much about the field. It's currently a closed program only, but if that's something you are interested in I invite you to send me a message!

I am also really happy that SiteEngine now has two paying clients. It's a slow growth, but I haven't put any dollars in ads now (that will be the goal for this coming month) or even did any SEO, so it's purely from people who found it via this website or via my Youtube channel.

On the investing side, I continued to invest on the Housers platform, to diversify my real estate portfolio. I actually invested for the first time in Portugal via this platform, meaning now that I now have real estate investments in four countries (UK, Spain, Italy, and Portugal). I also reinvested money on my favorite Peer-to-Peer lending, Mintos and Bondora.

Business Income

eCommerce Store
Products Sales (eBooks, video courses)
Snorkeling Vacation Guide
Amazon Affiliate Earnings
Open Home Automation
Products Sales (eBooks, video courses)
Amazon Affiliate Earnings
Kindle Books
Products Sales (eBooks, video courses)
Marco Schwartz
Products Sales (eBooks, video courses)
Websites Management Fees
Affiliate Earnings
Site Engine
Hair Styler Mag
Amazon Affiliate Earnings
Facebook Ads
Digital Ocean Hosting
Amazon S3

Investment Income

Dividend Growth Investing
Real Estate Crowdfunding
Peer-to-Peer Lending

A good month again, especially compared to a quite slow December & given the fact that I mainly spent time setting things in place for future growth, like onboarding more team members that will replace me for many tasks on my authority sites.

In February, I will mainly continue to work on my funnels on all my websites, in order to find what's working and then scale up my business using Facebook advertising. As you can see from my income report, I nearly doubled my Facebook ads spending during the month, and even if it didn't give me the results I wanted yet, it allowed me to grow my email list at nearly no costs as I was able to break even or make a small profits on most of my ad campaigns.

I also plan to (finally!) finish and launch my course about creating authority websites, as well as seriously make progress in my dropshipping course. 

Finally, we should be able to release the Facebook Messenger integration for SiteEngine, meaning that people using the app will soon be able to automate their marketing by using chat bots right on Facebook.

I will also be attending the Traffic & Conversion summit in San Diego at the end of the month, so if you are going there too and want to meet up let me know!

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Monthly Income Report - January 2018 Monthly Income Report - January 2018 Monthly Income Report - January 2018 Monthly Income Report - January 2018 Monthly Income Report - January 2018 Monthly Income Report - January 2018
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