Every month, I publish a report of the business & investment income I received during the previous month. I publish these reports to show you what you can expect with an online business & unconventional investments, and I also publish them to keep the motivation to work hard & to grow this number month after month.

In every report, you will find out the details about all the business income I received during the month, all the business expenses, and also all the income I received from investments during the month.

What Happened in May

As I mentioned in my previous income report, in May I mainly focused on optimising the existing sales funnels on my websites, instead of releasing new products. I for example completely removed Gumroad from my website, which is the service that I used to sell digital products on my websites. I noticed that the abandonment rate (the number of people who leave the site after adding products to the shopping cart) was really high on all my websites, so I had to do something about it.

I now switched to Easy Digital Downloads, and I will of course make a full report about this change once I collect more data. But I can already say that the abandonment rate dropped by a factor 5 after making this change. I also spent time to optimise all the descriptions of my books sold on the Kindle platform.

On the investing side, I mainly put more money into my dividend growth portfolio, as there were interesting discounts on the stock market for the companies I was interested in.

Business Income

Below is all the income I received from my online business during the past month:

  • Amazon Kindle eBooks: 895 €
  • eBooks & video courses: 1986 €
  • Packt Publishing royalties: 279 €
  • Consulting calls: 968 €

Gross business income in May 2016: 4128 € (+30%)

Below is all the business related expenses I had during the past month:

  • Team expenses on UpWork: 340 €
  • Small Fiverr gigs: 110 €

Business expenses in May 2016: 450 € (+15%)

Net business income in May 2016: 3678 € (+33%)

Investment Income

Below is all the income I received from investments during the past month. For some investments, this is the expected monthly revenue as some investments only pay once a quarter or once a year:

  • Dividend growth stocks: 360 €
  • Peer-to-Peer lending: 406 €
  • Real estate: 142 €
  • Bitcoin investments: 127 €
  • Amazon affiliate websites: 1457 €

Investment income in May 2016: 2502 € (+1%)

Comment About the Report

Let’s now make the total and add my business & investment revenues:

Total income for May 2016: 6180 € (+18%)

I am happy to announce that May was my best month ever! I really focused on optimising my revenue streams during the month, and it already paid off. I am very happy about it, as I was able to propose a better experience for the visitors on my website, and I increased my revenues in the process.

In the next month, I will continue to work on optimising and redesigning my currently existing web properties, focusing on one after the other to really make each of them great. On the content side, I will also focus more and batch content creation as much as possible, so I can offer a regular delivery of content to all my audiences. I might also release a new digital product in the investing field, but only after all the things I mentioned before have been completed.

Note that you can also visit my websites to learn more my investments. I post frequently on websites dedicated to my investments using dividend growth investing, Peer-to-Peer lendingcrowdfunded real estate, and Bitcoin.

As usual, I also updated my investment portfolio page to reflect the changes during the month. What about you? Did you have a good month with your online business and/or your investments?