Monthly Income Report - November 2017

Monthly Income Report - November 2017

Let's first have a look at what happened in November. During this month, I really focused on creating funnels & using Facebook ads to boost my largest authority websites that are selling digital products. The goal was mainly to generate leads, but I also built some complete sales funnels for some of those sites as well. I also published my first blog post on the topic that you can read here. I actually managed to get a profitable funnel for one of my authority website, Open Home Automation, and I was really happy about that as I didn't know anything about Facebook advertising at the start of the year. I think this is definitely a great way to boost the revenue of my authority websites outside of the traditional SEO.

I also had the first paying customer for my all-in-one business platform called SiteEngine. I am really excited about that as I spent a large amount of time this year to build this software, and it's great to finally see that work pay off. I also have several persons currently trying the application, and I am constantly adding new features to the software. I am also currently for a developer to work part-time on this app, to help me fix some bugs & also improve the user interface, so I really can't wait to see what it will become during the coming months.

I also completely revamped my Internet of Things platform aREST (which was my first SaaS app). A lot of my customers were complaining about some crashes & issues with the application, so I knew something radical had to be done. I therefore spent some time to completely rewrite the application, and it now works like a charm and users of this application are happy again.

On the investing side, I reinvested part of my income in the Housers platform again, investing in two new deals in Madrid & in Milan. I still really like this platform, and I will definitely invest more on it in the future to diversify my real estate portfolio. 

Business Income

eCommerce Store
Products Sales (eBooks, video courses)
Snorkeling Vacation Guide
Amazon Affiliate Earnings
Open Home Automation
Products Sales (eBooks, video courses)
Kindle Books
Products Sales (eBooks, video courses)
Marco Schwartz
Products Sales (eBooks, video courses)
Affiliate Earnings
Site Engine
Hair Styler Mag
Amazon Affiliate Earnings
Facebook Ads

Investment Income

Dividend Growth Investing
Real Estate Crowdfunding
Peer-to-Peer Lending

Overall a better month than October, especially due to the excellent performance of my sales on the Udemy platform. I also ramped up my Facebook advertising budget, and that also start to show in the overall income. I'll make sure during the coming months to modify this report to show you website by website where I actually spend advertising money, so it becomes more relevant in the report.

In December, I want to focus more on my largest websites that are selling digital products, and dive more into sales funnels & Facebook advertising. My goal for the month is to have at least one profitable funnel. I also plan to reach my goal to have 10 paying customers for SiteEngine.

For the first time this month, I decided to also track my reinvestment rate, so the percentage of my total monthly income that I actually reinvest into passive income generating assets. This month, I managed to reinvest 17% of my total income. I'll make sure to track this number month after month, and I want to get that closer to 40% in the future. This month, I will probably reinvest most of my income into the Housers platform again.

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rooz 7 months ago
Hi Marco,I just discovered your site coming from'm a bit puzzled, I have a tool estimating to 400K the average monthly visits to openhome, if your income from there is 2042.34 then you seem to have a very low conversion rate, no? 0.005 %
Marco Schwartz rooz 2 months ago

Hi, well first the traffic is more around 100K per month, but you are completely right! The niche is a tough one with a lot of free information out there, but are currently working into improving our conversion rate on this site.

Monthly Income Report - November 2017 Monthly Income Report - November 2017 Monthly Income Report - November 2017 Monthly Income Report - November 2017 Monthly Income Report - November 2017 Monthly Income Report - November 2017