Every month, I publish a report of the business & investment income I received during the previous month. I publish these reports to show you what you can expect with an online business & unconventional investments, and I also publish them to keep the motivation to work hard & to grow this number month after month.

In every report, you will find out the details about all the business income I received during the month, all the business expenses, and also all the income I received from investments during the month.

What Happened in September

I actually had the worst start of a month ever in September, which I already mentioned briefly in my previous income report, but I wanted to give you more details here. At the end of August, I had an issue with the company that is hosting my websites, SiteGround. I had recently upgraded to a cloud hosting plan to keep up with the rising traffic on my websites, but somehow something was wrong with this server and it kept on crashing, making my sites unavailable for up to 2 hours per day, and countless hours lost with the technical support.

It got even worse on the 4th of September (a Sunday!) when the server completely crashed and the SiteGround team blamed me for it, saying I had too much traffic on the server (whereas the traffic didn’t change compared to a month before). They basically said that if I didn’t upgrade to a more expensive plan (more than 100 Euros/month), they wouldn’t restart the server. In the process of trying to fix the server, they even deleted some of my WordPress sites (always have a backup!).

I decided to not give in, and worked day & night to transfer my sites to my own cloud server at Digital Ocean, where my web apps are already hosted. It all work fine since then, for nearly 3 times cheaper that what SiteGround was requesting, and with a much less powerful server. I actually even published an article about the process in case you want to do the same. I loved using SiteGround for years and even recommended it to many of you, but their behaviour on this case was just not professional at all.

However, I didn’t let this stop me, and after nearly a week lost I managed to work on my goals for the month. One of my goal was to launch the PureApps project, which is something I deeply care about. As you might know, my team & I are using our own tools that we developed for many parts of my online business. I recently decided to open-source all those apps, starting with our email marketing tool, so everybody can use them for free. If you are interested, you can simply check the website of the project.

I also launched two new video courses about investing. One is about investing in profitable websites, so other people can learn from all the experience I acquired over the years to select profitable website deals (like the one I purchased at the start of the year) and grow them to enjoy the passive income, or flip websites for profit. If you are interested by this course, I invite you to check the details of the course here.

I also launched my video course about dividend growth investing. Dividend growth stocks is where I invest most of the profits of my online business, so I really wanted to share the knowledge I acquired in this field with a video course. If you are interested by this course, you can check the details on this page.

On the investing side, I continued to inject fresh money in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), mainly in the residential & hospitality fields. The goal is to move towards my goal of 87,500 Euros invested in REITs & real estate before the end of the year. This goal is still far away, but I am getting closer month after month.

Business Income

Below is all the income I received from my online business during the past month:

  • Amazon Kindle eBooks: 585 €
  • eBooks & video courses: 2600 €
  • Books royalties: 1449 €

Gross business income in September 2016: 4634 € (-5%)

Below is all the business related expenses I had during the past month:

  • Team expenses on UpWork: 95 €
  • Small Fiverr gigs: 46 €
  • Hosting: 71 €
  • Facebook Ads: 128 €

Business expenses in September 2016: 340 € (+36%)

Net business income in September 2016: 4294 € (-8%)

Investment Income

Below is all the income I received from investments during the past month. For some investments, this is the expected monthly revenue as some investments only pay once a quarter or once a year:

  • Dividend growth stocks: 385 €
  • Peer-to-Peer lending: 476 €
  • Real estate: 140 €
  • Bitcoin investments: 114 €
  • Amazon affiliate websites: 1468 €

Investment income in September 2016: 2589 € (+1%)

Comment About the Report

Let’s now make the total and add my business & investment revenues:

Total income for September 2016: 6885 € (-5%)

Despite an horrible start of the month due to the server issues I was mentioning earlier, I managed to maintain the same level of revenue as the previous month. I also managed to launch my project to open-source the apps used in my online business, and to launch two new video courses.

During the coming month, I will continue my efforts on the marketing side of my business, especially by promoting the video courses about investing that I launched during the month. My plan is also to add one additional app (our social media management tool) into the PureApps project.

As you could see, I started to use Facebook Ads for my business. This is really something I didn’t know much even some months ago, and I’ve been learning a ton from books & from just playing with it during the past couple of weeks. I will definitely ramp that up during this coming month, and I will report on the results in my next report.

As usual, I also updated my investment portfolio page to reflect the changes during the month. What about you? Did you have a good month with your online business and/or your investments?