Passive Income Investing Academy
Passive Income Investing Academy
How To Obtain Complete Financial Freedom By Investing In Passive Income Generating Assets
Sick and tired of bad investment decisions?

Do you want to make your money work hard for you, while keeping it safe?

The truth is, everyone that thought about investing money usually have a pretty bad experience with investing.

Maybe you followed the classical advice and 'invested' money into savings accounts, only to find out that you will never make any decent income with that due too very low interest rates.

Maybe you invested on the stock market following the advice of 'professionals', only to loose most of your investment.

Maybe you invested in a piece of real estate, and quickly found out the time investment needed to become a landlord.

Or maybe you just never actually invested because of all the options that are available and you don't want to risk losing your hard-earned money. 

Recognize yourself in one of those situations? It's not your fault, and you are not alone. I did every single mistake when it comes to investing (see my story below), and I want to help you avoid doing the same mistakes and help you invest the right way.

Passive Income Investing Academy
Hi, I'm Marco Schwartz

I did my first investment back in 2005 while I was still an engineering student. I followed the traditional advice and invested in some stocks, in the hope of selling them at a higher price. I ended up losing nearly half of my investment because I had no idea what I was doing. Great start :)

In 2009, I decided to invest again, this time in real estate. I put all my money into buying a single apartment and rented it when I left the town I was living in. It went great for 2 years, but then it was completely trashed by a tenant and I ended up selling it. Another great experience with investing.

Fast-forward in 2014, when my business started to get off and I had some extra money coming on my bank account. I decided I won't repeat the same mistakes of the past. I therefore decided to invest only in safe, solid assets that would not only give me regular income, but also that required no time investment at all. I found two asset classes that were meeting those criteria: dividend growth stocks, and crowdlending platforms.

I also started to diversify in as many different assets as possible, in order to keep my money safe. I've been following the same method since, and that allowed me to become financially independent at the age of 31.

As you saw from my story, investing can be done the wrong way and cost you a lot of money. That's why I want to teach you the same method that allowed me to build a solid passive-income generating portfolio and keep your money safe.

Introducing The Passive Income Investing Academy

So the question is now: how to actually start building your own passive income generating portfolio? You need to define what your goals are, create your investment strategy, select the right crowdlending platform or dividend-paying stocks to invest in, and learn how to monitor & grow your portfolio over time in an always-changing environment. And also answer some of the more practical questions like how to choose the right broker? How to setup my auto-invest functions on crowdlending platforms?

Of course, you could do all of that by yourself, potentially losing a lot of time & money in the process. And that's a long and painful process. 

Which is precisely why I created the Passive Income Investing Academy. I included everything that you will need so too can be on your way to financial independence.

Whether you’re a beginner in investing & want to learn about how to start, or you are already experienced but want to improve your investing skills, the Passive Income Investing Academy is the place to be to learn how to invest to generate passive income. This comprehensive platform is filled with video courses, resources, investing checklists, and includes access to an exclusive community where you can learn from me & fellow investors.

So What Exactly Do I Get?

The Passive Income Investing Academy is built on four pillars that are built to help you succeed with investing & build your passive income generating portfolio:

The Passive Income Investing Blueprint Video Course

The Academy includes my signature course, called the Passive Income Investing Blueprint. This course was designed to not be the usual boring investing course that covers everything, but rather as a step-by-step roadmap that will guide you from building your investment strategy to monitoring & growing your portfolio. In particular, you will learn how to:

  • Build your investment strategy so you know exactly what to do and where you are going
  • How to select the best dividend growth stocks & how to build your portfolio
  • How to select which crowdlending platforms to invest in & how to pick the right ones for your strategy
  • How to monitor your portfolio so it keeps on delivering solid passive income every month while minimizing the time you actually spend managing it

As for all the elements of the Academy, this course is regularly updated so you always get up-to-date information.

The Passive Income Investing Library

The second pillar of the Academy is the Passive Income Investing Library. When you join the Academy, you will get immediate access to my complete collection of investment checklists, blueprints, and other resources to help you be a better and more efficient investor.

For example, you will find our checklists to help you select the best dividend-paying stocks or crowdlending platforms, which are the same ones that I use for my own portfolio. You will also, for example, find our complete collection of auto-invest settings on each major crowdlending platform of the market, so you don't have to think about it ever again and can just use settings that already work :)

Of course, the library is continuously enriched by new content that I will add regularly.

Access to Our Private Investing Community

Being an efficient investor is not only about learning but also about building relationships and getting help from each other. This is why the community is a central part of the Passive Income Investing Academy.

This is a private community where you can meet other people that are also investing money to generate passive income, and with which you can exchange about strategies, practical tips, platforms/stocks recommendations, and much more! And yes, I also hang out regularly in there, so it's the perfect place to directly ask me a question as well and get direct help for anything related to investing.

You will even find accountability partners & groups inside the community, as well as create the opportunity to meet other Academy members in person or organize mini-masterminds.

Monthly Q&As Sessions & Live Trainings

As part of the Academy, you will also have access to our members-only questions & answers sessions that are happening monthly, where you can directly ask me questions about investing. I'll also be organising some exclusive live trainings on particular topics related to investing, based on the feedback that I get from the Academy members.

All those sessions & trainings are also added to the library after they happen, so you will be able to watch them later as well if you can't make it for the live sessions.

What about the investment?

I love to help people invest their money to generate passive income streams.

That's precisely why I wanted to keep the investment to join the Passive Income Investing Academy as low as possible.

With the base price, it will cost you every day probably less than what you pay for a cup of coffee :)

Here are your options and a summary of what you will get:

Passive Income Investing Academy Monthly
Passive Income Investing Course
Full access to our community
Full access to the investing library
Live monthly Q&A sessions
Passive Income Investing Academy Yearly
Passive Income Investing Course
Full access to our community
Full access to the investing library
Live monthly Q&A sessions

Here are some answers to the questions we get most frequently…

How do I know if the Academy is right for me?
This membership was designed for everyone that want to generate passive income from their hard-earned money, whether this money is your salary or the profits of your online business. All of this of course while keeping your money safe.
How much time will I need to invest in the Academy?
After an initial time investment to follow the course, the Academy is here to help you sustain your investments and adapt your strategy. So even if we recommend to check daily what other members posted and get the latest updates in our investment library, you can simply check in a few times per month as well.
What if I have no or only little money to invest?
I designed the academy to adapt for all levels of income, so even if you have no or little money to invest you will be able to follow what I teach in the academy & get on your way to financial independence.
Can I cancel my membership and get a refund?
The Passive Income Investing Academy membership is billed on a monthly or annual basis. Because of this we operate on a no-refund policy except for in the first 30-days of your membership, when you can cancel at any time, and will receive a full refund.
The Academy is For You If ...
You are just starting out

If you are just starting out and never invested before, then the Academy is perfect for you. You'll be guided step-by-step to learn how to build your strategy, where to invest in & how to actually do it, and how to monitor your portfolio. You'll also get direct support from me & fellow investors in our community.

You just started your portfolio

If you already invested in some assets, for example in dividend-paying stocks or on crowdlending platforms, you will definitely greatly benefit from the Academy. You will learn how to build a plan to structure your portfolio, learn how to expand it with new assets, and how to grow it in the future.

You are a seasoned investor

If you are more experienced and already have a decent-size portfolio, you can also benefit from the Academy. You'll be able to benefit from our materials to optimize your current portfolio and learn from your peers in the Academy on what to do to build an even better portfolio.

Ready to generate some passive income?
Passive Income Investing Academy Monthly
Passive Income Investing Course
Full access to our community
Full access to the investing library
Live monthly Q&A sessions
Passive Income Investing Academy Yearly
Passive Income Investing Course
Full access to our community
Full access to the investing library
Live monthly Q&A sessions