Portfolio Update July 2019

Portfolio Update July 2019

Last Update: August 9th 2019 / by Marco Schwartz

Hi, and welcome to a new portfolio update! As for every month, I'll share with you the latest numbers from my investment portfolio, showing you all the details about what happened both with the crowdlending platforms I invested on, as well as with my dividend growth stocks portfolio. I'll show you what I did during the month, what went well, what didn't go well, and also share at the end what actions I'll take in the coming month. 

This portfolio update is actually the second one I am making using an app that I specifically developed to manage investments portfolios like this, called TrackInvest. I used it, for example, to automatically generate all the tables & graphs in this article. It allows me to generate much more detailed portfolio updates, with the data coming straight from the raw data given by the platforms.

What Happened in July

In July, I didn't do much on the portfolio itself, only withdrawing gains from some platforms so I have some free cash to reinvest in some platforms I want to review next (more about that later in the article!). 

I also publicly launched TrackInvest, the software I created to automatically track your crowdlending & stock market investments. The response from the users has been awesome, and we now have over 200 users and growing! I am now also working closely with the crowdlending platform to allow API access to the app & make it even easier for people to use.

As some of you might know, we became full-time travelers with my wife earlier this year, changing countries every one to two months, and during my stay in Valencia in July, I actually had the opportunity to meet with José María Pascual Muguerza, who is the CEO of Brickstarter. Here is a picture of our meeting:

Portfolio Update July 2019

It was a really great meeting, and we had the opportunity to really talk about his vision for the platform (that invests in vacation rentals in Spain) and I could also discuss with him about what would make his platform better for investors. I really love those meetings as it allows me to better understand what the platforms want to achieve, and also help them to build a better experience for us investors :) 

I also added reviews of two new platforms in the past months: my review of Rendity, a real estate crowdfunding based in Austria, and I also reviewed Debitum, a quite innovative Peer-to-Peer lending platform.

Let's now dive in the report itself, starting with the overview of my portfolio for July 2019:

Monthly Income Statement: July 2019

Crowdlending Platforms
746 €
62,471 €
103,393 €
Dividend Growth Stocks
365 €
63,242 €
98,338 €
1,112 €
125,713 €
201,731 €

As you can see from the table above, I now have a pretty equal repartition in value between stocks & crowdlending platforms, which is something I've been aiming for in my portfolio. The stocks positions fell compared to the previous portfolio update, which is mainly due to the recent fall on the US stock market in July. But I'll comment more about that in the section of this article dedicated to my stocks portfolio. I am still really happy about the overall yield of the portfolio, nearing at 7% overall in my portfolio. 

Let's now have a look at the historical performances of my portfolio in terms of monthly passive income generated, which is one of the most important metrics for me:

As for my previous portfolio update, the passive income is quite stable for this July compared to the previous months, mainly due to the fact that I am using most of the income to pay for expenses at the moment as we started to travel full-time since May of this year :) However, I am really happy to have a portfolio that's now generating over 1000 Euros per month of purely passive income.

Crowdlending Portfolio

329 €
23,924 €
32,890 €
68 €
11,622 €
14,411 €
44 €
11,120 €
12,920 €
121 €
9,835 €
10,809 €
15 €
4,128 €
8,585 €
22 €
996 €
2,494 €
25 €
2,174 €
2,403 €
8 €
2,150 €
2,241 €
22 €
1,980 €
2,218 €
8 €
1,783 €
1,869 €
9 €
1,090 €
1,174 €
7 €
950 €
1,015 €
5 €
450 €
506 €
746 €
62,471 €
103,393 €

In terms of crowdlending platforms alone, I still have excellent performances on all crowdlending platforms I am invested in. Note that as some platforms are not yet supported by my application TrackInvest, they don't appear in the table above (however, they are included inside the total value of my portfolio). Also note that for some crowdlending property platforms like EstateGuru and Crowdestate, I have not been investing for a long enough period of time for the yield (calculated with the XIRR formula from the raw data, and not taken from the platforms) to be completely accurate. So I definitely expect the overall yield of my crowdlending portfolio to go up in the coming months. Let's now have a look at the evolution of the passive income coming from crowdlending platforms over the past months:

There was a slight decline this month of the income generated by my crowdlending portfolio, mainly due to the fact that I withdrew some money from a few platforms to invest it in new platforms that I am currently reviewing, like Bulkestate and Brickstarter. Nothing too dramatic, however, as the decline is just from 10 Euros compared to the previous month :)

Let's now have a deeper look into a few selected platforms to see what happened during the month, starting with Mintos:

Portfolio Update July 2019

After now 4 years of investing on the platform, I still have nothing bad to report about Mintos, which produces a constant passive income month after month. I reinvest everything gains from this platform back on Mintos, and as you can see the passive income is growing linearly month after month without failing. 

As I was writing this article, there was actually a situation with Mintos and Aforti loans, which didn't pay some of the money due to lenders in time, so I wanted to talk about that here as well. Again it is all fresh as I wrote this report, so we don't know yet what will happen, but anyway it's in cases like this that on-platform diversification really proves useful.

I always recommend diversifying as much as possible on a single problem between loan types but also loan originators when it's possible, for example on Mintos. In my case, Aforti loans represent 0.14% of my total portfolio on Mintos, so even in case of default, I won't even see it on my results. Therefore, even with small issues like this I definitely still recommend Mintos as part of any Peer-to-Peer lending portfolio.

Let's now see another platform that I am often asked about, Fast Invest. It is actually the first time that I can report about Fast Invest results from raw numbers directly as we just integrated it into TrackInvest in early August. Here is the evolution of the passive income on the platform in the past months:

Portfolio Update July 2019

As you can see from the graph, I also have very good results month after month from Fast Invest, with a current yield at over 12.73%, which is above the average of my crowdlending portfolio. So definitely a very good platform that continues to deliver solid results.

It is a quite similar situation for Grupeer:

Portfolio Update July 2019

On Grupeer, you can see that for some time the growth of the passive income slowed down (again I am reinvesting everything back on this platform), which was due to the fact that they didn't have enough loans for my auto-invest settings to work. This is now solved, and I expect a nice growth on Grupeer during the next months as it's already the case in July.

Dividend Growth Stocks

Realty Income Corporation
27 €
5,762 €
7,886 €
Cisco Systems, Inc.
16 €
2,931 €
6,825 €
International Business Machines
26 €
6,442 €
6,164 €
United Technologies Corporation
11 €
3,782 €
5,312 €
QUALCOMM Incorporated
17 €
3,903 €
5,310 €
Xilinx, Inc.
6 €
1,972 €
4,931 €
Intel Corporation
10 €
2,586 €
4,235 €
Procter & Gamble Company (The)
9 €
2,968 €
4,218 €
Emerson Electric Company
11 €
2,948 €
3,819 €
Johnson & Johnson
9 €
215 €
3,547 €
Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc
22 €
2,962 €
3,449 €
AT&T Inc.
17 €
3,211 €
3,256 €
Camden Property Trust
9 €
2,504 €
3,213 €
Target Corporation
8 €
2,002 €
3,010 €
Digital Realty Trust, Inc.
9 €
1,974 €
2,903 €
Archer-Daniels-Midland Company
9 €
2,574 €
2,751 €
8 €
1,937 €
2,366 €
3M Company
7 €
2,301 €
2,359 €
Caterpillar, Inc.
6 €
1,365 €
2,191 €
W.P. Carey Inc. REIT
8 €
1,281 €
2,038 €
5 €
977 €
1,820 €
Pfizer, Inc.
6 €
1,411 €
1,721 €
2 €
888 €
1,586 €
5 €
1,633 €
1,538 €
6 €
1,544 €
1,404 €
22 €
934 €
1,295 €
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
3 €
1,174 €
1,244 €
11 €
879 €
1,162 €
HCP, Inc.
4 €
876 €
1,014 €
14 €
689 €
739 €
9 €
1,137 €
621 €
1 €
486 €
487 €
Macquarie Infrastructure Corpor
6 €
651 €
428 €
365 €
63,242 €
98,338 €

As I mentioned earlier in this portfolio update, the value of my stock portfolio felt during the month of July, mainly because of the US/China trade war. However, as I always mention, this doesn't actually affect my portfolio or my strategy. The main metric that I look at is the income produced by my dividend-paying stocks, so let's now have a look at the evolution of the passive income of my dividend growth portfolio over the past months: 

As you can, even in the middle of all this agitation on the stock market, my monthly passive income coming from dividend growth stocks stayed stable. This is what I really love about this strategy: even during 'bad' times where the market goes down, you still have the same dividends being paid into your account. It would even be an opportunity to strengthen some positions in the near future as some stocks are now a very good buy opportunity.

What's Coming Next

I hope that this portfolio update was useful to you! This was just the second where I used raw data to show you the insights of my portfolio, I would love to have your feedback on the tables & graphs that I included in the article, and for sure let me know if you want to see additional numbers in future updates. I'll also add soon variation numbers, meaning how much the numbers I share in my update went up or down compared to the previous month. That will most probably come with the next portfolio update.

In August, I plan to reinvest some of the free cash I have into more dividend growth stocks as the prices recently fell, and also try out new crowdlending platforms to expand my portfolio. I am currently still testing Brickstarter, Bulkestate, Reinvest24, and Flender. I am still waiting to get more results from those, but once they are in I'll publish my reviews of those platforms.

Thanks again for your support, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s portfolio update!

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Michele 6 days ago
Hello Marco, thanks for share your data and the TrackInvest tool as well! I have a question about it since I can't retrieve all my data. For instance I go into the "Account Statement" section of Mintos downloading the entire history. When uploading it in TrackInvest, I can only see the last 10 transactions of the same day. Am I doing something wrong? Can you please help me to solve the issue? Thanks!
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Michele Michele 6 days ago
to be more precise, the issue is it only shows me the interest gained in August ..
Iliyan 10 days ago
Hello, Marco! I am very happy of your success with investing and that you're reaching your goals! I need to ask you about the difference between the Invested and Value in the tables in your post. What do they mean exactly? Particularly the Value column? Thanks!
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Marco Schwartz Iliyan 9 days ago

Hi, thanks! I think I need to change it indeed as it's not clear :) Invested is what I deposited in total on the platform, and value is the current value of my holdings on the platform.

Marco 11 days ago
Hi Marco, great post. I started using your software TrackInvest, it is indeed very useful. One thing that might be improved is giving the user more control over the time period shown in the graphs. Also, the invested capital written on top of the graph is not correct. It looks only at the last 12 months, while I had some previous investments which are not taken into account. This affects the yield. Have a great day!
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Marco Schwartz Marco 9 days ago

Thanks! Happy to hear that TrackInvest is useful for you :) And thanks for the feedback, we'll definitely keep it in mind to improve the app!

Andrea 15 days ago
Many thanks for sharing, Marco! Very useful and interesting read.
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Marco Schwartz Andrea 9 days ago

Thank you so much!

Barak 15 days ago
Hi marco Great post as always :) Hope you enjoy spain i am really interested to implement your dividend growth stock but i still do not know which broker to use What broker do you use for your stocks? Which website you use to find new stocks,dividend info etc... Have an amazing day
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Fillip Barak 11 days ago
Marco, thanks for sharing the information. I'll try the your software TrackInvest. Like Barak, I have the same questions about you if you are willing to share them. For the time being, I am using the Dutch intermediary and their application DEGIRO.
Marco Schwartz Barak 9 days ago

Hi, thanks! I really recommend DeGiro, that's where most of my stocks holdings are located. Revolut seems to come up with their own solution as well which really like nice & interesting, I'll be looking into it as well and make an article about it :)