Portfolio Update November 2018

Portfolio Update November 2018

Every month, I invest part of the profits of my online business into passive income generating assets, like dividend growth stocks, real estate crowdfunding, and Peer-to-Peer lending.

In order for you to see what works and what doesn't work, I publish those reports every month so you can replicate my investment strategy and see what I do month after month to grow my investment portfolio.

During the month of November, I sold some of my dividend-paying stocks, especially some or all my positions in:

  • Aflac (AFL)
  • Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
  • Münchener Verein Versicherung (MUV2)

This is due to the fact that they went into what I call the 'red zone' for dividend-paying stocks, where some or all of those conditions were fulfilled:

  • Their P/E ratios were quite high (above 40 for some of them), meaning the stock is overvalued and the yields low
  • Their payout ratios approached 100%, meaning that they might do a dividend cut in the future
  • I am making a capital gain compared to when I bought the stocks :)

I'll also come soon with an article that talks more about my process to decide when to sell dividend-paying stocks.

I already reinvested some of this cash in real estate crowdfunding platforms like Housers, Property Partner and EstateGuru. For the rest of the cash that I got from selling those stocks, I am considering investing in other dividend-paying stocks as the market took a hit lately, which is perfect for dividend investors :)

For the rest of my portfolio, I reinvested all the gains coming from Peer-to-Peer lending platforms & from real estate crowdfunding.

Without further due, here is the state of my investment portfolio for the month of November:


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Malcolm 2 years ago
Marco. Pls can you talk more about stocks n shares .. I’m a long time peer to peer investor over 3 years now Jus starting to buy shares but not really sure what I’m doing Love to hear your advice n thoughts
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My portfolio did slightly less income than in October, mainly due to the cash coming from the sale of some dividend-paying stocks that I didn't reinvest yet.

During the coming month, I plan to invest more in real estate crowdfunding, as this is where my portfolio is still lacking at the moment. I am mainly looking at Crowdestate, EstateGuru, and Crowdestor, but I also plan to try out a new platform that I was told about recently called Reinvest24. I will for sure post a new review when I do!

I hope this portfolio update was helpful for you! I am still working on adding much more details into the coming portfolio updates, for example, the variation of the income/value of each position compared to the previous month, as well as some graphs showing the progression of my portfolio month after month.

Of course, if you have any suggestion about it don't hesitate to post them below! Also if you want to share where you invested during the past month that would be very interesting :)