Every quarter I publish a report of what I achieved during that period, regarding my business, investments, and health. I review every major goal that I set for myself during the past year, and discuss about what happened to that goal to see if I am on track to achieve it.

I am writing these reviews to keep myself accountable and to really make a deep review of the past year. I also hope that these reviews can be inspirational for you and help you review of your own goals! Or you can also simply read this review to laugh at all my epic failures 🙂

Goal #1: 8000 Euros/month of Business income

Not on track. My main goal for 2016 is still to reach 8000 Euros/month solely from my online business, which mainly consists in selling eBooks and other digital products. To be on track with my yearly goal, I should have reached an income of 5500 Euros per month at this point of the year.

I ended up at a nice average of 5034 Euros per month during this quarter (which is the highest business income I ever made), but I still failed to reach my goal. Again, I really need to push my efforts on the business side during the next quarter. This will include making profound changes in my business, for example regrouping some of my websites that have related topics to avoid scattering my attention over too many things.

Goal #2: 3000 Euros/month of Investment Income

On track. For the income coming from investments, I count income coming from dividend paying stocks, real estate, Peer-to-Peer lending, and also my from my investments in profitable websites. My goal for 2016 is to reach 3000 Euros per month of income coming solely from those investments.

For this quarter, I am still on track to reach my goal with a nice 2577 Euros per month of pure investment income. In terms of capital invested, here is the detail of my yearly goals & my current investments:

  • 87,500 € in dividend paying stocks (84,356 € already invested): 96% already achieved
  • 87,500 € in real estate & REITs (48,735 € already invested): 56% already achieved
  • 42,000 € in Peer-to-Peer lending (37,569 € already invested ): 89% already achieved
  • 35,000 € Euros in profitable websites (39,171 € already invested): 112% already achieved

I will continue to reinvest the profits of my online business into my favourite investments, and I should reach my yearly goal before the end of the year.

Goal #3: Build a Solid Team of at Least 5 Persons

On track. My business is still growing, and more than ever I need a solid team of people to help me out in my daily work. My goal for this year is simply to have a team of 5 people working part-time for me.

As for the last quarterly report, I still have 4 people in my team, including a virtual assistant, a technical content writer, a podcast editor, and a video editor. I will also focus during the next quarter to use my team more and delegate them more and more tasks, so I can focus on higher-level tasks and push my business to the next level.

Goal #4: Travel to at Least 4 Conferences to Meet Like-minded People

Not on track. This year, I decided to go to at least 4 conferences about either online business, entrepreneurship, or investing, in order to meet other like-minded people.

That’s really a goal where I failed so far, as I didn’t have the time to go to any conference this year. I was (and still am) running late on several book projects, and till this is not finished it will be difficult to plan going to conferences during the next month. I will need to carefully plan going to conferences during the next quarter in order to reach this goal.

Goal #5: Read 24 New Business Books

On track. It’s so important for me to continuously learn new things. I regularly listen to podcasts and watch Youtube videos about business & investing, but more than anything, books are really what allowed me to get to the level I am at the moment. That’s why I want to read at least 24 business-related books this year. So far, I’ve already ready 17 business books, so I am on a very good track to reach this goal before the year ends.

Goal #6: Reach a Bodyweight of 82kg While Keeping my Body Fat Below 20%

Not on track. My last goal is about my health, and I want to reach 82kg (yes, actually take some weight!) while keeping my body fat under 20%. I am currently at 80.5kg, so nearly at my goal, but unfortunately my latest body fat measurement (using a Skulpt body scanner) showed an overall body fat of 24%, so I will need to reduce this during the next month by adjusting my diet & revving up my efforts at the gym.

This is the end of this quarterly review, and I hope that you enjoyed reading it. Make sure not the miss the new quarterly review in 3 months!