This page lists all my investments in real estate crowdfunding.

Yearly Income
Freehold block of 4 apartments, Hartlepool, UK3,359.567.20241.89
2 Bedroom Mid-Terrace, Nottingham, UK3,359.566.42215.68
Mixed-use property in North Yorkshire, UK559.938.4147.09
4 Bedroom, Detached, HMO, Shropshire, UK559.938.1145.41
3 Bedroom, Mid-Terrace, Hartlepool, UK559.935.1628.89
3 Bedroom terrace, Bolton, UK3,359.567.00235.17
House, Barton Road, Eccles, UK3,359.569.00302.36
House, Eccles, UK2,239.719.00201.57
2 Bedroom Mid-Terrace, County Durham, UK671.915.5737.43
Freehold block of 19 apartments, Eastbourne, UK545.374.5824.98
Freehold block of 21 apartments, Lincoln, UK268.765.0913.68
Freehold block of 42 apartments, Gainsborough, UK279.965.2514.70
3 Bedroom house, Oldham, UK1,119.859.50106.39
Multi-Unit Mixed-Use Property, Derby, UK559.937.5342.16
Victorian Terrace House, Moston, UK1,119.857.5083.99