Looking for a no B.S. and credible speaker?
That's basically me. I'd be happy to speak at your event.

I love to share what I do with audiences and give them actionable content that they can actually use. I practice myself everything that I talk about in my speeches, which allows me to create a special connection with the audience I am talking to.

I understand it's hard to find a good speaker. That's why I created this page to give you an overview of what I do, and for you to see if I would be a good fit for your event.

Here are some of the events at spoke at
Marco Schwartz's Speaking Page
MicroConf Europe
Actionable, no B.S. talks from someone deep in the trenches

I've been myself to several conferences just to hear speakers that 'inspire' people, that talk about how 'great' they are and how 'amazing' their journey was. After listening to them, I indeed felt inspired but had no idea how it would actually help me.

Well, that's not my style when it comes to speaking. Because I practice day after day everything that I talk about on stage, I only deliver talks that are filled with actionable content, that people can actually put into practice as soon as my talk is over.

Some of the topics I love to talk about

As I mentioned before, I only talk about what I practice myself day after day, so here are the main topics that I love to talk about on stage:

  • Building/growing online businesses. I am an online entrepreneur, so I love to share with audiences everything that I am doing day after day to build my own business: building online courses, creating sales funnels, buying paid traffic, and affiliate marketing are amongst my favorite topics.
  • Investing for passive income. I am an investor, meaning that I continuously invest money into passive income-generating assets. I therefore love to talk about how to invest money in those assets, like dividend growth stocks, Peer-to-Peer lending, and real estate crowdfunding. I especially love to talk to entrepreneurs about how to invest the profits of their online businesses.
  • Buying/selling profitable websites. I am regularly buying new online businesses, and love to talk about it as well. Whereas it's talking about how to find good websites deals or how to build a profitable websites portfolio, I'm your guy to talk about this topic.
If you'd like to get more information about hiring me as a speaker for your event, simply press the button below: