My name is Marco Schwartz, and I am an entrepreneur, investor, and author. I have always been passioned by electronics and I started my first online business in the Open-Source Hardware space back in 2012. My domains of expertise include embedded electronics, home automation devices, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

I also believe that location-independent businesses are the way of the future and you will usually find me traveling around the world while running my businesses from my laptop. I am also passioned about self-development and I am a fervent adept of the Paleo diet. When I am not working on my own ventures, I love to help others to start their own businesses and realise their dreams.

My Story

I used to work as a PhD student in a lab, and I really enjoyed it. At that time I really believed that I wanted to continue working in academic research. However, after reading a lot of material about entrepreneurship (like the 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss), listening to podcasts and doing the corner office test (a.k.a. do I want to become my boss?), I quickly realised that staying in academic research will never allow me to fulfil my dreams

After the end of my studies and my contract in my lab, I booked a plane ticket to New Zealand, the farthest place I could go on Earth, to think about what I wanted to do next in life. In the process, I also started my first online business, Open Home Automation. On this website, I simply shared great content about one of my passions: electronics. The website started to take off, I also released an eBook on the topic, and after a few months I was able to live off from my online activities.

I started a few other online businesses since then, with always the same goal: being able to share great projects and content related to my passions. This allowed me to live a life of complete freedom where I decide where I work, when I work, and how I spend my most valuable resource: time.

So Why This Website?

I wanted to have a space where I share how I am running my online activities and investing in passive income generating assets, in the most transparent way possible. If you are starting off or you are thinking about creating an online business, I hope what I share on this blog with help you out with your journey into online entrepreneurship. I also hope that my own experiences will allow you to avoid a lot of mistakes that I already made.

If you already are an experienced online business owner, I hope that the content you will find on this website can help you to optimise your business and make it even better. I love to share information about how I am organising my businesses with processes, tools, and an amazing team.

Thank you for taking some of your time to read this, and if you want to get in touch, just send me a message. I always answer!