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Welcome to my website!

Hi there, and welcome! I am Marco Schwartz, and I created this site to help people creating online income streams, wether it is by creating online businesses or investing in passive income generating assets. Me & my team are here to help you at any stage of your journey to help you reach your goals, wether it's quitting your job and building your own business online, or learning how to invest money to become financially independent.

A bit about me

Back in 2013, I was finishing my PhD studies in electrical engineering & computer science, and to be honest I was quite happy about what I was doing. However, I also quickly realised that either continuing in the academic world or getting a job as an engineer would never get me what I want: have the freedom to live wherever I want and spend my time how I wish, work on my own business from anywhere in the world, and become financially independent. 

That's what pushed me in early 2013 to simply sell most of my stuff, rent out my apartment, and just travel at the other end of the globe to start working on creating online income. I literally just had my computer, a few clothes, and a copy of the Four-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. The beginnings were not easy - as I had absolutely zero experience in running an online business. After a period where I did some consulting work do earn my first bucks online, I started my first ever online business creating & selling online courses to teach people about electrical engineering.

And it all grew from there - with currently over 10 different online businesses in my portfolio, including 3 software businesses. Along the way, as my businesses were starting to generate good profits, I also got into investing to create more online income streams with the revenues of my businesses. I can say that starting an online business and then investing the profits totally changed my life - and that's what I want to share with you on this site.

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Why I started this website

Along the way of creating online income streams, wether by creating my online business or investing money, I had to learn a lot and also made a lot my mistakes. It was sometimes not easy to know what to do to get to what I wanted, and I lost a of time in the process chasing roads that would go nowhere. 

And that's exactly why I started this website and why I create the content you will find there: to guide you along the way of creating online steams on income, so you too can reach your dreams and live on your own terms.

What I want to build here is a whole ecosystem that helps you reach whatever goal you have in terms of creating online streams of income. I do that via content on my blog, podcasts or Youtube channel, but also via my trainings and private memberships that are here to guide you step-by-step along the way. So wether you are thinking about quitting your job and starting your own business, investing in an already existing online business, or investing in passive-income generating assets like dividend-paying stocks, me & my team are here to guide you.

My core values

I really wanted to share my core values, that guide me in every decision I make and that you will also see in every content I publish on this site.

Choose Freedom

Freedom is for me the most important value in my life, and the reason why I started my online business in the first place, and every decision I make has to preserve this freedom, or I don't do it.

Always Be Learning

Be curious, experiment, and always be learning new things. And especially learn from your failures as much as from your successes.

Help Others

Even if an online business generates money and gives us freedom, the main goal should always be to help others.

Always Be Transparent

I truly believe that transparency is one of the best way to create trust and also to become more accountable with yourself. Therefore, I try to include in my content numbers and facts about my businesses and my investments as much as possible.

Stay Healthy

Running an online business or working at a day job should never keep you away from staying healthy. Eat clean (I follow a keto diet), exercise regularly, and get enough sleep - and you will be able to reach your goals without sacrificing your health.

What you won't find on this website

You probably heard a lot of bad press around creating an online business 'making money from home' or investing for 'passive income'. Indeed, there is a lot of deceptive content out there, so I want to make sure to state what you won't find on my site to make it clear you will never hear about such content here.

Get rich quick schemes/multi-level marketing

Being in the game for many years now, I can tell you that creating online streams of income is one of the most interesting and fulfilling activity I know. However, it also takes a lot of work and dedication, and doesn't happen overnight. That's why you will never hear about any 'become a millionaire in a week', cause it's just pure scam from people that want you buy their very expensive courses or private coaching programs. As for multi-level marketing/pyramidal schemes, you will never see it mentioned on my site, as I truly believe that they are pure scams designed to take money from people while making a few people rich at the top of the pyramid.

Deceptive numbers or pictures

As I indicated in my core values, I put a lot of emphasis on transparency. That's why I will never publish false numbers on my website just to prove my point or make me look better. Most of the numbers that you will find on my site are directly pulled from either SiteEngine (the software I use to run my business) or TrackInvest (that I use to track my investments). And although I do like shiny things, you will never see me post pictures of a rented luxury car or villa and pretend it's mine.

Binary options/shady cryptocurrency schemes

One of my core values is to take (calculated) risks in my online businesses, and invest as passively and safely as possible. That's why you will never hear about things like binary options or other high-risk, not passive investments on my site. And whereas I love the idea of cryptocurrencies, you won't see any 'double your Bitcoin investments in 24h' content on this site.

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