Best Website Brokers in 2024

One part of my process to create streams of online income is to buy already existing websites that will then be added to my portfolio. For that, I use what is call a website or online business broker, that will list websites to sell and be in charge of the whole process. To help you find the best brokers out there, I listed in this article all the best brokers I used over the years to acquire online businesses. 

I'll start by giving you the whole list, and then we'll dive into the details of each of the brokers to tell you why I chose them and what are their own strengths and weaknesses.

Without further due, here is the list of the best online businesses brokers at the moment:

How to pick a good website broker?

Let's first see what to consider when picking a good website broker. I basically look at four things: reputation, listings, services, and fees.

The most important thing when considering a broker is its reputation, as they will be in charge of receiving the money from the buyer, keeping it in escrow, and then moving the money to the seller once the transfer of the asset is complete. So I definitely only considered in this article platforms that already have a good track record.

Then, I look at the listings that they offer on their marketplaces, and especially what due diligence process they use on the site that end up on their platform. Note that some platforms are more specialised than others (for example in eCommerce), so it's actually worth considering one platform over another if you are looking for a specific kind of business.

What services will be provided by the broker is also something to consider. The basic function of a broker is to make sure that the ownership of an online business will be smoothly transferred from the seller to the buyer - but they can also provide additional services. Most brokers for example have a website migration service, but they can sometimes also offer more services like changing affiliate links on a website for you for example. 

Finally, fees are definitely something to consider. Indeed, the platforms that I list in this article are businesses like any other, and they are making money by charging a percentage of the listings that you will find on their marketplaces. Sometimes fees are only for the sellers, but sometimes there are fees for buyers as well. Of course, fees are usually associated with the services offered by the platforms as well, so the higher the fees the better service you can expect.

Empire Flippers

I wanted to start this article by mentioning Empire Flippers, one of the largest online business worldwide. I used them myself on several of my largest deals so far, and everything always went really well. They have an excellent reputation, and I also met myself several members of their team including their co-founders Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti.

They have one of the strictest due diligence process that I know - meaning you will only find high quality listings on Empire Flippers. They also have a large selection of deals, in various domains (eCommerce, content websites, SaaS ...) and also from prices ranging from $100,000 to over $10 Million. 

They have a clear fee structure (for sellers only) that depends on the value of the business, but it ranges from 15% to as low as 2.5% for the most expensive listings.

Finally, they also have a very nice interface for their clients, where you can go deeper into each listing that you are considering and really smoothly unlock the analytics and more details of the deals you are interested in.


I also couldn't not mention Flippa, which is by far the largest platform of this article in terms of number of listings available. They also have an excellent reputation - and I've done many deals using their platform as well.

It's important to note that they only do a light vetting only on their listings - meaning that basically just auto-check some analytics like the traffic on the website on each listing, but are not going further in the due diligence process like earnings. So it's definitely really important that you do your own due diligence when buying a website on Flippa. Note that you can also have them do a due diligence for you - but that's a paid service.

They used to have only quite cheap websites on their marketplace, but they recently introduced more features like funds verification for the buyers, and that brought some more expensive listings on the platform. They have a really wide selection of online businesses, from eCommerce businesses to SaaS apps, and even mobile apps and games. 

The fees are also very clearly displayed on Flippa - and are only for the sellers.

Investors Club is different from the other brokerage as they act more like an exclusive members site where you need to show a proof of funds (at least $10,000) in order to be allowed to see deals available on the platform.

They also do even more due diligence than most of the brokers in this article, and even provide details about how they do this process. 

They also have no fees for buyers, and one of the lowest fees on a successful sale for sellers at just 7%. In terms of services provided, it's also worth noting that they not only do the transfer of the sites, but also provide a free legal service.

FE International

FE International is also one large online business brokerage platform and one of the first I ever got in touch with when I started to learn about the field of investing in online businesses. 

They have an excellent reputation in the field, and a large amount of websites that are listed on their platform. As for Empire Flippers, they do list sites that are in the higher end of the market, with many listings above $10 Million. They mainly have content websites, SaaS apps, and eCommerce sites.

They have a clear fees structure and also one of the lowest fees in the market for sellers, so it might be a very good option if you want to sell a large site.

Quiet Light Brokerage

Quiet Light brokerage is also one of the big player in the field, and I discovered them initially via this really cool podcast that they are running on the topic of investing in online businesses. They are also a very large brokerage with an excellent reputation.

They apply a strict due diligence to all the businesses that they list on their platform, so it's definitely a brokerage you can trust.

In terms of listings available at their platform, they specialise more in eCommerce businesses, even if they now have other types of businesses as well like content sites and membership websites. 

They have fees for sellers only, up to 10% on the successful sale and going down for large businesses. 


Another really nice broker that I used in the past is MotionInvest, which is a brokerage firm with an excellent reputation as well. 

They have a wide selection of websites on their platform, and also have websites to sell in all niches and for all budgets - starting at quite low (around $5,000) up to $100,000. They also apply a strict due diligence process to all the sites that they list on the platform.

In terms of fees, they only have fees for sellers on a successful sale (around 15-20%).

The Website Flip

The Website Flip is another interesting platform that I more recently discovered. Compared to other brokers I listed so far, they are more like an all-in-one place to go to when it comes to learning about investing in online businesses. They have for example a tool to compare listings from other platforms, a course on the topic of investing in online businesses, and many other tools for investors.

They do have a brokerage service as well - and you can simply manually submit them your website if you want to sell it via their service. Note that their fees are really low as well, at just 3%. This platform also runs an email list for buyers so that they can be informed whenever a new business is available.  

Money Nomad

I wanted to end this article by mentioning Money Nomad, a brokerage that I discovered more recently. They actually specialises in the lower end of the market, with deals around $50,000 and sometimes even lower. So if you are a beginner, this is definitely a platform that you want to have a look at.  

The owner Zach Zorn also has a great reputation in the field of building websites, so this is definitely a place you can trust. 

They have a more limited amount of listings and specialise more in content sites, but are quickly expanding to other type of deals as well.

They also have a clear fee structure, with a flat 10% fees for the sellers (at least $1,000). 

Which Broker to Choose?

So at the end, which broker to choose? I have to give just one, I'd always say to first check Empire Flippers. It's a great broker with an excellent reputation, a large variety of vetted listings, and also a very nice and helpful team that is here to help you along the whole process, wether you are a buyer or a seller.

Depending on your own search for an online business however, you might consider some brokers more specifically. For example, if your budget is on the lower end, you might have a look on Money Nomad, which specialises in that sort of listings. If you are more risk tolerant and want to do your own due diligence, I would recommend looking at Flippa as well as they have a wider selection of listings.