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Buying an Existing Online Business

Learn how you can buy already existing online businesses to create immediate streams of online income. This page is here to show you exactly how.

Why Buying an Existing Online Business?

Many people associate online business with something that takes time to build, with a less than certain outcome. What kind of business to build? What niche to choose? What if it doesn't generate any money?

Buying an existing online business solves all those issues. You get some asset that is already generating some cashflow, with the niche already figured out, and with already existing customers. That's one of the best way I know to get into the online business game without having to wait for your business to take off. Even if you already own an online business, buying one can be a really quick way to expand your portfolio and generate more income, which I what I did with my own portfolio of online businesses.

There are of course several things you need to figure out before buying an existing online business. How to actually select a good business to buy? How to get financing if you don't have enough money to buy a site? And what to actually do with the site once you bought it? This is all things I figured out over the years while building my own portfolio - and on this page I share all my experience on the topic.The first one was with a traditional savings account, which doesn't even have enough returns to beat inflation.

The second was by buying/selling stocks on the stock market. A lot of time spent analysing stocks and trading, with some losses at the end. 

Finally, I also got into traditional real estate by buying a flat to rent it out, and had a lot of tenant issues which ended up with a lot of time lost and not a great return at the end because of all of the associated costs.

In 2014, when my business started to take off and I had some extra money coming on my bank account, I decided I won't repeat the same mistakes of the past. I made a list of what I wanted for my investments: assets that generate a regular amount of income, with decent yields, which don't require any type of time investment, and that can be acquired & managed completely online. That's what I call passive income investing.

I found two asset classes that meet those criteria: dividend growth stocks, and crowdlending platforms. And that's the two main topics you will hear about on my site. 

I've made a lot of mistakes along the way while building my passive income generating portfolio, and all the content I create about investing is here to help you build your own portfolio while avoiding the mistakes I've made. And this page lists the best content I've created on the topic to help you get started.

The Best Way to Start

Getting started with buying online businesses shouldn't be difficult. Here are my best free resources to get started right away!

My trainings to guide you step-by-step

My trainings will help you step-by-step through the process of selecting & acquiring online businesses, running them, and growing your portfolio.


These articles, tutorials and case studies will help you to buy existing online businesses.


Here is a selection of the best Youtube videos I created that will help you start your online business.

Recommended Tool

I created a completely free tool to help you find the best online businesses to buy, called Websites Listings. You can use it to quickly browse up-to-date listings on different platforms like Empire Flippers or FE International.

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