Crowdlending Portfolio

On this page, you will find the list of all my investments on crowdlending platforms. Note that those numbers are updated once per month, usually at the start of every month. To learn more, here are two articles that list my favorite platforms at the moment:

NameYieldMonthly IncomeValue
Mintos11.2%185 EUR19,873 EUR
Twino10.3%144 EUR16,732 EUR
PeerBerry10.4%85 EUR9,832 EUR
Viainvest11.3%72 EUR7,632 EUR
Hive514.3%41 EUR3,422 EUR
EstateGuru10.3%123 EUR14,327 EUR
Reinvest2413.8%118 EUR10,232 EUR
Rendity8.3%35 EUR5,023 EUR