Kviku Finance Review 2024: a Safe & Full Automated P2P Lending Platform

I love to diversify my real Peer-to-Peer lending investments on as many great platforms as possible, which is why I continuously review new platforms & share my experiences with those platforms on my site. In this article, I will review the Peer-to-Peer lending platform Kviku Finance, which I added to my portfolio in 2021.

In the article, I will tell you what I think are the biggest strengths (and weaknesses) of the platform, how to start using it, and what you can expect from investing on the platform. Let's start!

What is Kviku Finance?

As for all Peer-to-Peer lending platforms, Kviku Finance is a financial platform that allows investors to invest in loans along with other investors, in exchange of interests payments over time. Kviku Finance is a relatively new platform, however they are part of the much larger Kviku Group which was established in 2013, so this is actually a platform with quite a long track record in the field.

What I really like about this platform is precisely that they are part of a much larger group and not just a brand new platform that was created out of the blue. This guarantees a much safer environment for investors, as everything they do is backed by the parent company Kviku Group.

They currently already financed over 100 million Euros of loans since they started the platform, and are operating in 6 countries.

What returns can I expect from investing on Kviku Finance?

The returns you can expect on Kviku depends on which projects you invest in, which I will tell you more about when we'll see how to use the platform. Currently, with loans listed on the platform you can get up to 12% annual returns, and they advertise an average annual return of 12% for investors. This is great as most similar platforms are usually in 10-11% range in term of returns.

Is it safe to invest on Kviku Finance?

The question of the safety of the investors funds is central when investing on a Peer-to-Peer lending platform, as they will be managing all the money that you deposit on the platform and invest it in loans. When reviewing a new platform before adding it to my portfolio, I look at three things: what the platforms offers in terms of guarantees, the company itself (and their team), and finally the source of the projects present on the platform.

Risks & guarantees on Kviku Finance

On Kviku Finance, all projects present on the platform are covered by a buyback guarantee, meaning that in case a borrower doesn't pay back, the loan originator will buy back the loan and give the money back to the investors. This is now pretty standard on most P2P lending platforms, but it is nice to see it here as well.

On top of that, there is also what they call a group guarantee, that is directly managed by the Kviku group. This means that if a loan originators fails to fulfil their obligation for the buyback guarantee, the Kviku group will do it instead and give the money back to investors. This is an extra layer of safety for the money of the investors.

The company & the team

The company behind Kviku Finance is registered in Cyprus, and as for all platforms I add to my portfolio I checked if the company was officially registered in Cyprus, and it is indeed.

Whereas I would have liked some more transparency about their team on their website, it was very easy to find more information about them on LinkedIn.

For example, I checked the profile of the CEO & founder of the whole Kviku group, Nikita Lomakin. I found out that he has a long track record in the finance space before he started the Kviku group, having worked for example for Morgan Stanley for 3 years.

Loan originators

On Kviku Finance, all the loan originators are within the same group, which adds more control over them and is definitely good for investors. They are nevertheless quite geographically diversified, as they have loan originators in Spain, Poland, Ukraine and the Phillipines.

Also note that because all the loan originators are managed within the same financial company (the Kviku group), there are no pending payments on Kviku finance: all loans repayments are instantly available on the investors accounts.

Getting started with Kviku

It is actually really easy to get started with Kviku and have your money start generating interests on the platform.

The first step is to open an account and get verified. This was done really quickly, and including the ID verification part it was all done in under 5 minutes.

Next, you will have to deposit funds in your account to start investing in loans and generate interests. This is also really to do with Kviku, as you can do it via a bank transfer.

Once this is done, you can actually start investing in loans on the platform. For that, the first option is to check the primary market:

From there, you can immediately see what loans are currently available, and get some details about the loans like the annual yield, status, and loan term.

However, what I really recommend on Kviku is to use their auto-invest function, that will automatically invest for you once you set it up. Here is the settings that I used:

As usual on those platforms, I use the minimum investment possible in each loan, and interest rates above 10%. With those settings, there were still over 3000 loans available at the time of this writing, meaning you won't have any issues of finding loans on this platform.

As for all the platforms I review, I also tried to withdraw money, and the money was back on my account in just 2 days.

My Results so far with Kviku

I activated the auto-invest function on Kviku back in 2021 and it should give me returns of around 10% annually. It is of course too early to talk about long-term yields on the platform, but I can say that so far everything went smoothly and I will definitely invest more on the platform in the future.