Every month, I publish a report of the business & investment income I received during the previous month. I publish these reports to show you what you can expect with an online business & unconventional investments, and I also publish them to keep the motivation to work hard & to grow this number month after month.

In every report, you will find out the details about all the business income I received during the month, all the business expenses, and also all the income I received from investments during the month.

What Happened in February

A lot happened in February actually! I worked on putting my social media marketing automation app, SocialGear, to the next level. The goal is to have at least 5 paid users by the end of March, just to prove the concept. I also upgraded my Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer lending application, BitLendingBot, and used the exact same code base to create new app in the Peer-to-Peer lending space, called Lendy.

February also saw the release of my first book which is linked to this website, called After Profits. I wanted to share my investment strategies for a long time, and that’s exactly what I did with this book. Inside the book, you will find strategies that I specifically developed to be used by busy online entrepreneurs who want good returns on the profits of their online businesses. If you want to learn more about the book, you can find all the details about the book on its dedicated page.

On the investing side, a lot happened as well. I finally receive the cash from the sale of an appartment unit, which allowed me to massively reinvest in my favorite investment fields: dividend growth stocks, crowdfunded real estate, and Peer-to-Peer lending. I also invested in my first website via the Empire Flippers marketplace, and I’ll soon report about that!

Business Income

Below is all the income I received from my online business during the past month:

  • Amazon Kindle eBooks: 681 €
  • Gumroad (eBooks & video courses): 2023 €

Gross business income in February 2016: 2704 € (+9%)

Below is all the business related expenses I had during the past month:

  • Team expenses on UpWork: 240 €
  • Small Fiverr gigs: 200 €

Business expenses in February 2016: 440 € (+58%)

Net business income in February 2016: 2264 € (+4%)

Investment Income

Below is all the income I received from investments during the past month. For some investments, this is the expected monthly revenue as some investments only pay once a quarter or once a year:

  • Dividend growth stocks: 313 €
  • Peer-to-Peer lending: 374 €
  • Real estate: 115 €
  • Bitcoin: 186 €
  • Amazon affiliate websites: 1205 €

Investment income in February 2016: 2207 € (+137%)

Comment About the Report

Let’s now make the total and add my business & investment revenues:

Total income for February 2016: 4471 € (+44%)

Overall, a good month compared to January, especially thanks to the recent boost in investment income. My goal in the coming month will really to work on boosting my business income by growing digital products sales & getting more paid users into my SaaS applications.

Note that you can also visit my websites to learn more my investments. I post frequently on websites dedicated to my investments using dividend growth investing, Peer-to-Peer lendingcrowdfunded real estate, and Bitcoin.

As usual, I also updated my investment portfolio page to reflect the changes during the month. What about you? Did you have a good month with your online business and/or your investments?