This page lists all the positions in my global investment portfolio.

Type Value Yield Monthly Income
Profitable Websites 136,119 46.00 5,218
Dividend Paying Stocks 122,636 4.00 408
Peer-to-Peer Lending 48,423 13.95 563
Real Estate Crowdfunding 28,916 7.00 169
Cash 11,000 0.00 0
Private Equity 0 0.00 0
The current value of my investment portfolio (Stocks, real estate, Peer-to-Peer lending) is 199,975 Euros, producing an estimated monthly income of 1,140 Euros, yielding at 6.84% annually. My current total net worth is 347,094 Euros. This portfolio is updated live, as I update it anytime I make a new addition to the portfolio.

You can also find more details about the positions in my portfolio by using the links below: