All my online businesses have a common factor: they are all using WordPress in some way. Whereas it’s for the business itself (like for my information websites) or for sales pages (for my SaaS apps), I am using WordPress everywhere. Therefore, it’s really important for me to have a solid host for all my sites. I was using 1and1 hosting for a long period of time, but I was really not satisfied with them.

And then, I discovered Siteground, following the recommendation of a friend. And I just loved it. In this article, I’ll tell you why I transferred all my websites from my previous hosting company. I don’t want to make some 1and1 bashing here, neither do I want to say bad things about other hosting companies. I’ll simply compare the two hosting services on 5 separate criteria. Let’s dive in!

They Have an Excellent Customer Support

Usually, when you are looking for a host for your websites, you are first thinking in terms of speed, user interface, and other technical features. However, this is not what made me switch to Siteground. Before anything else, I just tested their customer support, to see if they could help me with some basic questions, and also to see if they could transferring all my sites from my previous host.

And I was really pleasantly surprised. Siteground offer support via phone, chat, or email (via a ticketing system):

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 11.04.53

Remember, I was not yet a client at that time, but I choose the chat to get in touch with a sales representative. Immediately, I was connected with somebody that was able to answer all my questions, regarding pricing as well as more technical questions. And also when I was actually a client, I know now that I can go in there at any moment, open the chat window, and in less than 5 minutes (usually it’s instant) I will be able to talk with somebody with solid technical skills in websites hosting & in WordPress.

Let’s compare that to my old host, 1and1. First, there was no chat, so it left me with two options when I had a problem: phone, or email. I had to contact them for a domain name that was not pointing to the right website, and that I couldn’t modify manually. Well, I tried email first. I had to send 3 emails in total, and they finally answered 1 week after, with a canned message that didn’t help at all. Then, I replied, and I had to wait another week for the next answer. At the end, I just gave up and tried the phone.

On the phone, I had to wait for about 20 minutes, just to hear that the person talking to me didn’t have any technical skills, and that I had to wait another 10 minutes to get a tech guy on the phone. Finally, after more than one hour in total, my problem was fixed. Compare that to the near-instant response of the Siteground team, including on weekends. So all this alone really made me switch from 1and1 to Siteground.

It’s Fast. Really Fast.

Then, compared to my previous host, Siteground is also fast. I usually have a lot of websites on a single shared hosting plan, and with my previous hosting company a lot of people started to complain to me that my websites were getting slow and nearly unusable.

Well, Siteground doesn’t really have this problem. Of course, it’s not as fast as some hosts which are dedicated to fast WordPress hosting, like WPEngine. Here is a speed test on the website you are on right now, which is of course hosted on Siteground:

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 11.01.52

I read a book where they made a study that the page load time is really critical to not have visitors trying to load your site and just close it immediately. In this study, they proved that if this page load time is under 5 seconds, you’re good to go. So here, Siteground clearly does a good job on that.

They Have a Great User Interface

I also really like the user interface of Siteground, which is simply based on the excellent cpanel software. Cpanel is a dashboard for hosting solutions, and is based on Linux. Here is a screenshot of the main hosting interface of Siteground:

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 11.03.40

Even if some icons are a bit dated, the overall interface is really clean and easy to use. My previous host was using a custom dashboard that they developed internally, but it was really confusing and the source of a lot of frustrations when trying to do anything in the dashboard.

All Their Plans are Packed with Features

What I also like about Siteground is that you don’t only get a hosting plan with the usual disk space and bandwidth, but you also get a lot of very useful extra features. Even with the shared hosting plan that I am using, I have an automatic daily backup of all my WordPress installs, which is very nice as you don’t need to set this up yourself.

You also have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited mySQL databases even in the cheapest plan, which is quite nice as my previous host forced me to upgrade to more expensive plans as my business needed more mySQL databases.

Finally, they also offer some services for free at the start, like transferring one WordPress install & domain name from your previous host.

You Can Really Grow Your Business with Them

I also appreciate the fact that I know for sure that I’ll be able to grow my hosting needs as my business is growing. Indeed, at my previous host, as well as with many hosts, you’re a bit stuck above a given amount of traffic, and then you need to change your host anyway, which can be painful when you have large websites with a lot of daily traffic.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 11.06.27

Well, with Siteground, I know I have some room to grow. I already switched gradually from the cheapest to the most expensive shared hosting plan, and I know that the next step is cloud hosting. At every transitions between plans, everything went smoothly and whenever I had a question somebody from the customer support was here to help.

Should You Switch to Siteground a Well?

If you are frustrated with your current hosting provider, then the answer is definitely yes. The goal of this article was really to show you what were my frustrations before, and what makes a good hosting provider. I am sure there are many other amazing hosting companies out there, but Siteground was just a great fit for my business. So if your online business also greatly relies on WordPress, I definitely recommend checking out Siteground.

I’d like to hear from you as well! Are you using Siteground or another hosting provider? Are you happy with the current solution you are using?